Digestive system By parker prentice

Part of the digestive system

Esophagus it is like a stretchy pipe, it is in front of your spine it is a passage to care for it toss drugs watch weight

Liver is a large meaty organ that sits on the side of your belly it cleans your blood to care eat right and drink water

Small intestine It breaks down the food it is part of the gastrointestinal don't rush food

Large intestine push poop it is a tube to care for it eat rich fiber, exercises

GallBaller it is under the liver it releases bile to help break down fat it is a pouch to care drink water

Stomach is where your food mixes with gastric juice it is like a pouch to care for it eat right, drink water and don't stress

Bonus 1.7 liters of saliva is produced each day You can get gas,bloating,heartburn,stomach pains,and cramps your appendix


Created with images by Hey Paul Studios - "Digestive System Anatomical Embroidery Hoop Art. Hand Painted Blue Watercolor."

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