Make 100 Dollars In Just a Day Faizaan Faruqi

Are you in urgent need of money? Is your favourite console on sale at EB Games and your parents want you to do chores to get it? Is game over for you? Never fear, Faizaan is here!!!

Xbox OneS

The easiest way to make money fast is to set up a lemonade stand. You will need: A table, yellow Bristol Board to get the driver's attention, 3 types of lemonade, ice, disposable cups, a bright yellow umbrella, and flowers (optional).

When you set up the lemonade stand, you don't want it to be in the middle of nowhere like out in the country. You want to set it up in a place that has lots of people. This place can be in a neighbourhood or downtown.

On the sign that you make out of Bristol board, write the price of each kind of lemonade. Try to keep all three prices the same and fair unless your lemonade is very special. I would sell a cup for at least 2 dollars if I wanted to reach my $100.00 goal.

Give away free things such as flowers. Customers feel happy when you give them something. A lot of the times they come back for more or recommend your lemonade stand to a friend. This gets you double the money.

This is the easiest way I know to make $100.00 dollars in just one day. If you continuously do this every day for a week, you can make more money than someone with a minimum wage job.

Created By
Faizaan Faruqi


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