Niesha's Birthday Paint Night March 25, 2017

Niesha's Choices

  • Materials: stretched canvas with acrylic
  • Size: 11 x 14
  • Image: rainbow zebra, customer internet search
  • Participants: 11
The image Niesha requested. This painting image is from Pinot's Palette, Orlando FL

Clare's Sketches

Based on Niesha's image request, I designed and painted three custom sketches she was able to choose from for her custom birthday paint night. Each sketch was created with watercolor crayons and acrylic paint.

Clare Norris 2017, all rights reserved

The Event

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I made enlarged photo copies of the image and lined the back with a layer of carbon paper. I taped these to the canvas so all the painters could easily trace the image directly onto the canvas.
We started by only tracing the outline, then flipped the copy and carbon paper over to save for later.
We filled the rainbow inside the zebra outline first, beginning with a yellow stripe in the middle and working our way on either side: warm colors on the left; cool colors on the right, blending the colors as we painted for a gradual color shift.
Filling in the rainbow
We added a few grey streaks of paint to the background areas on either side of the rainbow zebra and went over the streaks with white paint for a general abstract background.
Grey streaked background

After the zebra was filled in with the rainbow, and after we streaked the background, we let the paintings dry for a bit, taking a short five minute break.

After the break, we flipped the copy and carbon paper back over to trace the details of the zebra on top of the rainbow.

From there, we started top to bottom and worked our way down using only black, white, and grey to develop the ears, mane, snout, body, and all those stripes!

Finished Paintings!

Finished paintings. 4 hour event including set up and clean up.

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Clare Norris, 2017, all rights reserved

Created By
Clare Norris


Photo credits, Clare Norris, 2017, all rights reserved.

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