A Day in the Florida Museum of Natural History By: Khadija Kamara

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Nature on Display

Kamara, Khadija. "Picture at FLMNH" 2016. JPEG

Personally, the Extinction Exhibit was especially captivating as animals that once roamed the world were re-constructed and put up for public display, transcending the limits of time and place. Additionally, my interest in orthopedic surgery was further fueled by this debut of bones that resembles a mosaic.From the array of limbs in the mammoth to the sharp sets of teeth that align the mouths of ancestral sharks, I was constantly engaged. The contrasting stature of the giant ground sloth and the relatively small figure of the modern sloth was especially interesting. Seeing the practical use of fossils in the natural world rather than pages of textbook further established a deeper relationship to science for me. I love the relationship that this museum establishes between visitors and the exhibits through constant interaction with the environment as seen in their Butterfly Garden, Extinction Exhibit, Native American Exhibit, etc.

Nature and Ethics

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This museum has provided me with the opportunity to appreciate the land for more than just its economic value. I feel more informed because of this museum as information is readily available, within a glimpse of the eye. I sensed community in this environment and felt engaged and catered to throughout the museum. The friends I went with were equally in awe over the beauty that laced this museum. The Natural Museum allowed visitors to interact with the environment through their multitudes of exhibits that cater to different interests.The pictures above display an eco-friendly exhibit that have hundreds of facts and tips that can improve the energy-efficiency and sustainability of homes. This exhibit uses vivid colors and appealing (large) font to attract visitors. Nonetheless, this exhibit is essential as worldwide we look for sources of renewable energy. My experience in the museum instilled a desire to engage with nature more frequently in my local community and partake in eco-friendly behaviors.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Kamara, Khadija. "Picture at FLMNH" 2016. JPEG

The Butterfly Garden helps viewers escape their natural lives by creating an immersive experience for visitors. This ecosystem is abundant in trees and tropical plants, a truly beautiful site. This experience also allows users to engage with their senses, as butterflies land on visitors; tingling their sensations.Going into the Butterfly Garden was somewhat of a cleansing experience. As the doors closed behind me, and I was hit with a gust of air I felt refreshed, even somewhat submerged into a new environment. I was in a physically new environment, but I also felt mentally anew. I was able to leave the woes of life outside the garden doors and completely allow myself to mentally and physically interact with the environment. I felt as though I was able to ground myself and re-establish a relationship with entities of the environmental world. This exhibit helped me understand that I am only one entity in a grand world. With this renewed perspective, I was enabled to carry on with life in a new frame of mind.

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