Mount Vernon Nazarene University Website:

Mascot: Casey the Cougar

Why mount vernon..

Four main reasons why I would go to this college is-

  1. It's close to home but not close enough for parents to randomly pop by
  2. It's not a super big college, as in population
  3. Job placement is great, and great major programs
  4. Good art and teaching program
"This college Makes me feel at home because both my mom and cousin went here."- morgan keating
" My uncle went here and so my grandma wanted me to visit so I did. I liked the campus and the Christian environment, also had a good distance from home not to close but far enough." Sarah Pethtel

Located in mount Vernon ohio

Depending on which way you go the most miles from Hilliard is 59.2 miles. Would take about an hour.

Number oF students

  • Men- 363
  • Women- 657
  • Total students- 2,267
  • More girls then boys

Special landscapes on campus

The Enteral Flame-

Campus Information

  • The town is kinda small but has all the different types of stores and restaurants that you may need
  • All most everyone comes back for the rest of there 4 or more years.
  • Major sports here are Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, and Soccer
" When I have free time and it's warm some friends and I will take a shuttle to the Ariel foundation park and lay in our hammocks."- Morgan keating

Academics: majors/ minors

Known for- Nursing, Art, Buisness, Communication, Biology/ Chemistry, and Education

Two education buildings downtown for Nursing (Hunter hall) and the Art (Buchwald Center).

There are a total of 80 different academics you can take.

Classes are smaller than other schools so it's great for teachers to be able to help you more.

" The prophesors are so nice and i love the program, and cant wait to do hands on stuff." Morgan Keating

I am thinking about maybe going into education because I love kids and teaching them about things in life and what they might need in the future. I don't know what yet, but this school would be able to make me the right decision and can help me out with all the techniques of teaching.

Requirments to get in

  • Act scores: 22-25
  • Sat scores: 1060-1140
  • Average student GPA: 3.25-3.75


  • Deadlines- July 15th
  • Percentage of applications get admitted- 76%


You have to reach a total of 36 credits a semester for chapel. These 36 credits can be a mix of small groups and sitting through chapel the days they have it. Chapel is on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday at 10:20 and goes to 11:10. You do not have to go to all of the days if you need to study. During this time on these three days a week you don't have class.


  • Men's- oakwood hall( freshmen)
  • Girls- pioneer hall( all freshmen), Galloway hall( freshmen and sophomores),

Loby of freshmen girls dorm pioneer

" During exam week they made us pancakes and had different things for us so we could take a break from being stressed."- Morgan keating

Boys can only be in here and not in the Rooms unless it is Open dorm

Girls would hang out in here; play games or watch movies.

Inside dorm room

Size- 228 square ft and 9 fOot

  • 2 desks
  • 2 closets
  • 2 beds that can change height and positions
  • A personal sink in the corner
  • 2 personal small dressers for clothes
  • 2 closets- 66 cubic ft
  • 2 high-speed computer ports

Can change the layout how ever you want and has alot of space to do anything with.

Bathrooms have showers
Best part is the washers and dryers- they are free


Different Apartments:

  1. Girl Apartments- Maplewood, Spruce, Elmwood
  2. Boys Apartments- Cedar, Birch, Cypress
  • Common living room
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Each room has 2 beds, 2 closets, 2 desks, 2 dressers
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 6 people total


The cost is less then a normal private school by about $8,000

  • Total for all year- $34,408
  • Tuition- $25,498
  • Room- $4,218
  • Books and supplies- $1,400


Library is opened to everyone, they close at a certain time but have a room that you can go to late at night to either print or type something if you don't have a printer. Your student idea gets you in there.


  • Cost: 3,332 all year
  • Cafeteria- has a three meal buffet everyday including the weekends. There is a salad bar, subs, Italian, mexican, sometimes Chinese, desserts, and drinks


Located in the Ariel Arena

Opened at night so you can get snacks when the cafe is not open. You are given $30 a semester on your student meal plan for free, if need more you pay for the extra.


  • Basketball- number one sport people watch
  • Volleyball- very popular to go watch
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Cross country
  • Track
  • Gymnastics
  • Cheer
  • Softball

Ariel Arena-

Girls volleyball record was 31-6
#1 thing everyone goes and watches. There record is 19-9.
Our very own wildcat went here this year and is playing goalie for the girls soccer team. Anna Chrysler
Baseball diamond is turf
Cross country team finished in 9th place out of all the Ohio teams

Campus Involvement


  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Dodgeball
  • Altimate frizbee
" Favorite part about this college was being able to be apart of the intramurals and having fun with friends." - Megan Keating( cousin)

Local campus events:

  • Sonfest
  • Sibs weekend
  • Oaktober fest
  • Reslife wars
Sonfiest- bands come to the campus and play all day and have different events for kids and more
Sibs weekend- All ages, mostly for kids that are looking at colleges, so they have experience on the campus life
Reslife Wars- tug o war
Reslife Wars- each dorm and apartment make there own boat and see if they can make it to the other side

Out of class Activities

  • Working out
  • PSU ( PrinceStudent Union)
  • Sport events
  • Local events
  • Go to the Ariel park
Ariel Foundation park
Work out room for people that don't want anyone to see them
This is the new work out room. They call it the fish tank, because you can see in all ways and your the fish swimming inside. Two floors: first one is where the weights are and are mostly for teams, second floor is where all the bikes and treadmills are.


  • The Saturday before all exams they meet up at the eternal flame at midnight and scream to let go of all the stress they have.


This school shocked me the most about how much they get you involved when you first come as a freshmen. They make sure that you don't miss home or anything. When I went for subs weekend, everyone there was so nice and it made me feel at home and i don't go there. I am definitely considering this college and would recommend it for anyone that wants to be semi close to home and want to feel at home.

My sister and I at sibs weekend.



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