Are the Olympics about more then sports? by: Lacee royce

A lot of people think the Olympics are just about winning a sport. Well a lot of people don't know that they think of each other as family! There are some mean people out there who do cheat who do only care about winning. But there is a lot of good people out there who think of them as family who does care if they don't win but they don't get mad about it. It was fun and that's what mattered. A lot of people would not be mean because of were some one comes from but some are but for the most part most people in the Olympics care about each other. So now about every thing i just said do you think the Olympics are just about sports?

People all around the world come to the Olympics to share there talent with other people from ALL around the world. Like Ireland, Poland, Sweden, Canada, every ware. there are people all around the world to come and share there talent with other Olympians with out being judged about ware they come from or how they do in the Olympics.

A lot of people around the world come to the Olympics to share there talent with other people
A lot of friend ships are made in the Olympics


In the Olympics the people are supper nice to each other i know this because according to Source b says that "The Olympic inspire humanity to over come political economic, gender, racial or religious deference and forge friendships in spite of those differences." this means they don't judge people by were they are from and what religious there from or what race they are i does not matter to them they are family!

people in the Olympics have many thing they need to do they have to try there best and in source b says that "Its not only about winning, but manly about practicing making progress against personal goals" this means they need to go past there goals they need to push past they need to just have fun and do the best they can and other people there will be supportive they will till you good job that you did well because that's what people in the Olympics do for each other because they are nice they think as each other as family so they care about each other!


Did you not that the Olympic games were vary closely related to a religious festivals of Zeus. I now thing from ( Did you know The Olympics are from ancient Greece in Olympia (from source A.)


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