The Great Depression By:Kenny Frommer

The dust bowl was one of the reason that the Great Depression started. This helped start the great depression as these big clumps of dust would get people sick and sometimes take down houses and this hurt the economy as these ruined farms. This picture was taken in Colorado

This image shows the people who would volunteer and give all the homeless people food. During the Great Depression people could not pay for food so many died or got very sick from the lack of food. The government opened soup kitchens to help people who can’t pay for their own food. The food Kitchens had volunteers work their because they couldn’t pay them but people helped out any way. Other people who had extra food from their farms gave it to people who needed it more. People tried to help others as best as they could.

This song is about how people would first lose their jobs and then more and more people did until most people didn’t have money for daily necessities.

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