About the Draca Wards Saga

The Draca Wards series is a young adult fantasy saga that revolves around the lives of four girls and four boys. These children are gifted with powers that draw the attention of outer-world dragons roaming the human world.
The dragons pursue these children, each aiming to form a unique bond with one particular child. This bond will make the child the dragon’s ward.
However, there are sixteen dragons, and only eight young humans.
The dragons are divided in two factions - one faction wants to help humans return to their glorious pre-apocalyptic days. The other faction wants to destroy human civilization.
In the beginning of the series, some of the protagonists are more prominent than others. Many of them end up attending an elite training academy, called The Academy, of course!
The Academy is divided into four colleges. Two of the colleges are magical, the other two are mundane and teach warfare and espionage.
The main characters possess different combinations of powers, and as such attend different colleges, but eventually most of them meet and become friends at the Academy.

For more information on some the main characters, you can visit www.dracawards.com/characters and click on the names for a brief bio. Check it out!

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