Future is in the Science Science Communication Platform

About Us

Future is in the Science, is a science communication platform. We aim to build a bridge between the society and science.

Together with 25+ volunteers, we work relentlessly to promote critical thinking and teach about science.

A Science Communication Platform

Contrary to conventional popular science platforms, we are a new-generation platform making; live streams on Twitch, interviews, educational content, interactive services and social responsibility projects.

Who are we?

Although, Future is in the Science (FIITS) founded in 2018 by two young Turkish scientist, it's a vibrant family with 25+ volunteers.

"The deviation from reason and science is one of the foremost calamities that humanity faces today."

With this belief, we are dedicated to popularize reason and science via innovative new ways.

What's different about us?

We do not think it is necessary to simplify or embellish science for making it popular. Instead of simplifying scientific knowledge, we prefer educating science enthusists.

Our Principles

1. Innovativeness

FIITS aims to make use of cutting edge technology in out-of-the-box projects and ideas. We do this in several ways. First, we make live streams rather than pre-recorded videos. Second, we create live and collaborative quizes about scientific knowledge. Third, with our live Q&A system, everyone can ask questions and there is no risk of missing them.

2. Collaboration

Rather than being a lonely science platform, FIITS have the goal of being the unifying live stage for all the popular science/science journalism/science communication communities. Therefore, we are trying our best to contuniously find new science ally and work collaboratively with other platforms all over the world.

3. Scientificness

FIITS is dedicated to reflect the current scientific liteature in its all content and works. We use APA Style referencing and citation of the articles and books that we communicate. Moreover, since our live streams are open to everyone (we are strictly agains the pay-walls), there is a correction and review process in our viewer community that can be considered as similar to collective self correction in the scientific community. Therefore, we always try our best to update our content/ take down obsolete content according to advancements in the scientific literature.

Pioneering Work Samples

  • LIVE & INTERACTIVE STREAM: Media is evolving in the world, the young are no longer watch TV or even visit Facebook. Everything happens live and in a great pace. That is exactly the reason why we stream on our Twitch Channel. In this way, the viewers can react to our content instantly can criticise and correct us which makes it a better scientific content.
  • LIVE Q&A SYSTEM: With our Google Slides powered Q&A system, all the questions during the stream goes to a list where we can chose ones to show on the screen and answer depending on the viewer votes.
  • SCIENTIFIC REFERENCES: We have started a social transformation campaign in Turkey at 2018. With the hashtag #showreference, that people can use in the social media apps, we are trying to prevent disinformation in the Internet. When a user makes a claim in a scientific topic, they are urged by other users with this hashtag to show their proper references. It is an extension of the "Nullius in Verba" motto from Royal Society. In accordance with our campaing, we always show references in our content.
  • DOCUMENT CLOUD: Our viewers can access all the documents, presentations or scientific articles that we mentioned or our guests brought.
  • ONLINE STUDY SETS: The complicated or foreign language words/terms are going to our Quizlet account and they become study sets, in which our followers later can learn and practice at their own pace.
  • DIGITAL BOOKCASE: When we refer to books or recommend them during a stream, we add them to our goodreads account so that our followers can later buy and read them if they'd like.

Our Work

Scientific Q&A Platform

People Google questions time to time, but how certain one can be about the accuracy of the answers?

There ought to be a website with a structured system to see questions and answers in one place. Actually there are many such websites out there like Yahoo Answers or Quora.

Yet, we are still unsure about the scientifit soundness of the answers since (literaly) anyone can answer. The voting systems are again dependent on everyones opinions which may not reflect the scientific evidence. For example, imagine an answer stating that vaccines are harmful and the it is upvoted...

Threfore, we created a scientific Q&A site to tackle these shortcomings. In our website, everyone can ask questions but only experts on that field (and that field alone) can answer as long as they provide a scientific article or book as a reference.

P.S. Unfortunately, this website is only available in Turkish at the moment. We are currently working on the English version.

Live Science Streams

We stream 5 days a week on average at our Twitch channel.

Our content varies from one man science shows presenting literature reviews to live interviews with renowned scientists:

  • Scientist Guests: In these streams, we host renowned scientists and discuss their fields. There are several differences from a conventional interview. First, we aim to give virtually unlimited time and space for the expert for talking about their area of research. Second, we also expect the guest to teach us about his/her respective field. Finally, we try to stimulate the conversation with critical questions.
  • One or two host live science shows with educational content, about: psychology, amateur astronomy, English teaching, engineering, renewable energy, psychoanalysis, game development, physics, computer science and history of science.

Video Archive

If you missed our live streams, you can always watch them again in HD at our YouTube channel.


Or you can listen them on popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple iTunes Podcast, Google Podcast etc.

Our Volunteer Teams

Social Media Team

  • Esra Tanırgan
  • Ozan Karakaya
  • Kaan Corut
  • Mert Çıkla

Production Team

  • Kaan Soykuvet
  • Şeyma Usta
  • Nazan Arıöz
  • Kaan Corut
  • Emirhan Ertürk
  • Berke Nar
  • Menderes Barut
  • Ege Akıner
  • Tuana Aksu
  • Kaan Corut

Guest Team

  • Barış Bayraktar
  • Mediha Selin Bozkanat
  • Hüseyin Şahin
  • Ramazan Sancar

IT Team

  • Elif Eda Güneş
  • Murat Terzioğlu
  • Ramazan Sancar
  • Hamit Zor
  • Yusuf Rende

HR Team

  • Baran Kurtboğan
  • Emre Usan
  • Elif Çınar
  • Berat Ünal