Elsa - Great Dane Osteoarthritis

Condition Treated - Conservative Management of Osteoarthritis

Elsa enjoying her hands on physio treatment during one of her Somerset visits to PhysioMyDog
"I was introduced to Harriet by a mutual friend and now I like Harriet more than the person who introduced us!! 😂 I'm just joking! The reality is that Harriet is full of life, positivity and fun and she makes you feel that you have known her forever.
At the same time she makes your dog feel as though they are the only dog in the world. She cares deeply about your dog's condition and uses her considerable knowledge and expertise to get to the bottom of the issue and suggest some great ongoing exercises, makes you think about ways in which you can do more for your own dog and provides expert analysis around the causes of the issue at hand.
In my case, we first met Harriet via FaceTime as the pandemic did not allow for face-to-face meeting, aside from being a few hours away. Those first few sessions were invaluable and the detailed analysis documents that followed meant that everything that was discussed was written down for further consumption.
My Great Dane, Elsa who was just turning 9 was suffering terribly with arthritis in her hips. I had been using all known arthritis medicines and exercises but by February 2020, Elsa was in a bad way. Harriet had in our meetings discussed alternative procedures and introduced me to Stewart Halperin, the Stem Cell Vet based near Harriet in Bruton, Somerset.
That suggestion by Harriet was the turning point for Elsa. I explored the Stem Cell treatment, spoke to Stewart at Stem Cell Vet and went ahead. Without that treatment Elsa would not be here. Harriet has without doubt, saved her life and given her more time with her family. Truly a miracle and now Elsa is pain free in her hips.
We have since travelled to Somerset and had further sessions with Harriet. Harriet has been able to put her hands on Elsa and continues to guide her ongoing wellness.
A BIG THANK YOU to you Harriet. Love from us all. Paul, Diana and Elsa xxx 😁

Elsa lives in London with her lovely owners Paul and Diana, so our first sessions were carried out online. Paul had already done a lot of research into arthritis in dogs which Elsa was benefiting from. But he was keen to know as much as possible so #TeamElsa kicked in!

During our first few sessions, we covered some home and exercise modifications, diet and overall lifestyle suggestions.

Elsa was already having regular hydrotherapy sessions, so I immediately got in touch with them, so we're all working towards the same therapeutic goals.

We then discussed some therapeutic exercises Paul and Diana could do whilst in the garden, inside the home or whilst out walking. These are fun & can be incorporated into their daily routine.

According to the Kennel club the lifespan of Great Dane is under 10 years old, so at 9 years old Elsa was already doing incredibly well.

Just because you can, it doesn't mean you should

Once we covered some of the foundation elements of Elsa's therapeutic plan, we started to discuss other interventions. It's important that each dog is treated as an individual based on what is best for them and their owner. What helps one dog with a specific condition may not be relevant or applicable for another.

As a therapist specialising in dogs, I am aware that there are lots of things that can be done to help dogs, so I will always refer other specialists where relevant. #TeamDog can have many members!

Where I am in Frome, we're lucky enough to have Stewart Halperin, the Stem Cell Vet based around 20 mins away. So I gave Paul the details and connected them together. As you can read in Paul's own words, this treatment has been hugely successful for Elsa. Living her best life as she ages gracefully. And one of the best bits is that I get my hands on the gorgeous girl when she visits Somerset.

What I love about this story is that #TeamElsa has different members all working together - doing what is right for Elsa. I love it! x

Elsa enjoying her home comforts

As with most conditions, there is not just ONE thing that helps. It's a holistic approach which looks at each part of the dog's life and body to help avoid compensation issues and injury.

Elsa modelling her lounge wear collection

I carried out some research to demonstrate the benefits of physiotherapy on dogs with osteoarthritis - more information here.

I also have a dedicated page to osteoarthritis which can be found here.

If you'd like to learn more about Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine, click here.

November 2020