Clouds Tigerlily Vigil-Jordan

Stratus Clouds, they are associated with producing a hazy gray veil in weather, such as it creating fog.

The altitude of a stratus cloud is very low it is known to be at 2000 meters.

The stratus clouds shape flat and has a rigid look.

What type of weather a Nimbastratus cloud is associated to is Rainfall or snow fall.

The altitude of a Nimbastratus Cloud is below 10,000ft

The shape of a Nimbastratus cloud is like big clumps of clouds form together.

The weather a Cumulus Cloud is associated to is fair weather but what it can produce is heavy rainfall, lightning, severe winds, and even tornadoes.

The altitude of a Cumulus cloud is usually below 550 metres.

The shape of a Cumulus cloud is puffy and cotton like with a flat base.

The Altostratus cloud associates with forming continuous rain or snow storms.

The altitude of an Altostratus cloud is 6,100m

The shape of an Altostratus cloud is a sheet or layer usually seen through the sun.

The Altocumulus cloud is associated with warm and sticky weather.

The altitude of a altocumulus cloud is 2,000m

The shape of an altocumulus cloud is similar to an cirrocumulus cloud but the segments are larger and darker.

The Cumulonimbus cloud is associated with heavy, rain, snow, hail, lightning, and even tornadoes.

The Cumulonimbus cloud's altitude is 200 to 4,000m

The shape of a cumulonimbus cloud is a very tall and large cloud.

The Cirrocumulus cloud is associated with fair but cold weather.

The Cirrocumulus cloud's altitude is 5 kilometers.

The shape of a Cirrocumulus cloud is small, high, patched clouds in rows.

The cirrus cloud is associated with fair and pleasant weather.

The altitude of a cirrus cloud is 16,500 ft

The shape of a Cirrus cloud is thin, wispy strands of clouds.


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