Simple machines "think,do,test" Packets By: sara o'connell

Date: 1/10/17

"Think, Do, Test" comes from a packet I have to do. I just started Robotics and I really like it. These first 2 weeks we are going to use a packet to follow and do 3 challenges listed below. This is a journal that I will report in everyday. Hope you read through it

Chalenge #1: Pendulum

Think: Yesterday we built and tested our pendulum. It failed because every time we tested it, it would move around. Today we are going to put stablizers inside the holes of the table to hold it still. The stabalizers will be made out of (1x8, and the small plastic nails).

This is what we had to knock over

Date: 1/11/17

Date: 1/13/17

Think: After we tested the new idea, we got the blocks down but it was only 20% of the time. But we couldn't get it again, unless we used force which we are not supposed to do. Today we are going to try and get a 60% success rate. Today we are going to expand the pendulum so we have two wheels.

Do: After this test, our origanal plan failed. However, we did try to lengthen the arm of the pendulum so we could get more momentum. After that, we got the blocks down 100% of the time, we were so happy.

Date: 1/12/17

Final product

Challenge #2: Pulley System

Think: We are going to make a new simple machine, a pulley system. We don't know what the instructions are and we don't know if we have to move blocks up or down. I think we are just going to do the original build today

Date: 1/17/17

Think: We made a lever for our pulley system. It worked sometimes but after some editing, we got it to work every time. Today we will test it with the three blocks and lift it over a least 3". After we test it we have 2 options, if we fail then we have to edit it more, if we dont fail then we start callenge #3, The Lever.

Do:Well, we failed. So we will have to do a lot of work. Tomorrow we will make a cage to keep the blocks on and so they don't fall off.

Date: 1/18/17

Think: So yesterday we failed, because the wheels werent strong enough to hold the wheight of the three blocks. So today we are going to try and build a sort of cage so then we can actually hold the blocks but we are taking the wheels out to keep the blocks on. Then we have to see about the crank because of the cage it might need a different crank. We'll see what happens.

Do: The cage did not work, because we tied the string onto the wrong side. So tomorrow we are going to see if we can get the blocks up to 3" high.

Date: 1/19/17

Think: yesterday did not go so well, we failed getting the three blocks up 3". Probably because it was too heavy. Today i think we will finish the pulley system, I hope. We will change the weight of both sides so it is equal and one side won't weigh more than the other.

Do: we got the pulley to work and lift like 10" off the table

Final product

Challenge #3: Lever

Date: 1/20/17

Think: Yesterday we got the pulley to work, and now we are going to get going on the lever. I can't wait to get started.

Do: so once we got the lever built we immedietly took the wheels off and got platforms on to replace them. Abby thought that in order to keep the lever stable we should put poles on it. After that we got it past 1 ft every time.

Final Product


Pulley System


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