A New Perspective Natalie Austin, Penn High school

For a whole day I walked in someone else's shoes. I captured them from working diligently, to laughing and playing games with friends. This is my new perspective through the eyes of Yearbook student Ethan Moore.

Puzzled and in frustration Ethan Moore works to find a format that is to his liking. During the class Moore worked on the students photo placements within his yearbook.
Discussing the problem among his fellow classmates and teacher Ethan Moore soon found a solution to his dilemma. Moore collaborated with others, which helped to give him new unique ideas.
As Ethan Moore solves one problem another seems to pop up. Moore worked to make a creative design in which he would later add to the spread.
When not working on his yearbook spread Ethan Moore enjoys laughing and having fun with his friends. When playing spoons the game turned aggressive causing one of the spoons to break in half.
Fooling everyone in the room Ethan Moore portrayed a very sly mafia. Down to six players no one had a clue that Moore was the last standing mafia.
During lunch Ethan Moore relaxes with friends. After working hard all morning Moore took a break to just sit back laughing and talking with friends.

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