Macbeth And baNquO

Macbeth's Spirit animal: The Wolf

Macbeth, being a worrier and all knows that's it's eat or be eaten, just like the wolf he does whatever he has to do to provide more opportunity for him and his bloodline, for example he knows he will become king so he feels like it's his fate to assasinate the king and obtain his rightful throne but becoming king doesn't only benefit him, it benifits his wife as well as future generations. Macbeth, like the wolf, are very intelligent. All of Macbeths actions have a reason as to why he's done them. Macbeth (for the most part) understands cause and effect. And during the story Ambition drives Macbeth to kill the king and others to achieve his goal. Although it's a small 2-person pack, him and his wife, they are behind one another on rashful decisions the two conclude, and when the time comes for something crazy they support each other.

The sheep represents: Banquo

The sheep, like Banquo, sit and mind their own business, yet they are content doing what they do. Banquo never took initiative, and like many sheep, he just followed in someone else's footsteps. Banquo was just as talented as Macbeth but never displayed that talent and so he stayed a shadow of Macbeth. And with all the witches said, knowing his son would become king eventually, he sat there and waiting for the demise of him and his son, luckily his son was able to escape but Banquo was like a sheep, helpless and waitedfor his death. It's a eat or be eaten world and Banquo was oblivious to Macbeth and his plans.

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