The Chipmunk Got Run Over By A Sled ??? By Camrin Kreider

What a great day they were were having! The snow had finally stopped, and the children were more than ready to try out the sled the father has just bought them. Their not sure why they didn't notice the tree trunk. It just seemed to have just hopped into our path bringining a stubborn chipmunk with it. He neither moved off the stump nor looked our way as the sled slid in his direction. He was acting as if he knew the oncoming couldn't dare collide with him.

The clueless chipmunk

But in the sad ending the sled hit him the chipmunk stares at us in disbelief. As soon as he tries to run off the chipmunks leg slid from underneath him and he fell then in his surprise the little girl picked him up and said"Hi mousey mousey" and to add to his surprise the little girl started petting him. Bewildered as ever he just froze in place letting the warm hands take him inside the house.

What are you looking at?

After she showed her mother her prize her mother started screaming and then the chipmunk started screaming the older boy boy was covering his ear. And the little girl just stood there with a puzzled expression on her face. Then the father came down and every one shut their mouth as he walked by. He said give me the the rodent he said. The little girl said "huh?" The father repeated give me the rodent. Guess what the little girl said. No every one just stood in shock with shocked expressions on their faces.

Am I fat?

The the older boy suggested that that they take it to the hospital. And on the way the little girl said "HE IS NOT MOVING !!!!!!!!. The dad slammed on the brake so hard that every on in the car went flying the the little girl said oh wait he was just sleeping.

Cheesecake where?

They got to the vet and brung ift up to the front counter and asked for a vet the vet came out soon and at her fist look at the chipmunk she screamed and then was still again then she said that they needed to put him to sleep the father stood up and said no! With a sharp edge to his voice this is out family pet and we want it taken care of there thing stoped and the vet took him in and fixed his leg.

It think this makes my cheeks look fat

About a year later he died and the family buried him in the back so they said Merry Christmas and left.

I'm afraid of heights !!!
Created By
Camrin Kreider


Created with images by Nina Stawski - "Chipmunk" • Ben_Kerckx - "squirrel ground squirrel chipmunk" • carolineCCB - "Chipmunk" • Gilles Gonthier - "Tamias striatus" • Gilles Gonthier - "Petit suisse -- Little chipmunk" • Gilles Gonthier - "Petit suisse -- Little chipmunk" • CLender - "Angell Cove - 2010"

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