Equine Landia Founder: lexi schaffert

Equine Landia is a is a relaxed happy place with big farm houses and nice big barns suitable for keeping life stock. (Mostly horses) With miles of land as far as the eye can see COUNTRY FOLK can buy a traditional farm house (as pictured below) and land to farm. Every house has its own arena for horse riding; both an indoor and an out door. You can chose between a vintage farm house or an up-to-date farm house. Both including all horse care facilities as promised before. If you would like to farm, there is plenty of land that can be used. There are no limitations to what crops you would like to grow, other than the fact that there can be NO chemicals used on them. They HAVE to be organic. There is a hospital, church, and a store located east of the farm land. Few houses are placed within the small town but the few that are still have various places for horses and other pets of course. The roads, both dirt and concrete will always be maintained for we want our community to remain crisp and beautiful. We also have a very nice school open to teach kids all they need. Education is number 1. Most farms have large clean ponds made for fishing, swimming, boating etc. there is also a huge lake to the west of the community called horseshoe oasis. Horses also run freely here. For non-free horses you will have a pasture at your home equip for running your horses out in in the summers. All barns also have plenty of space for horses. If your horse or any other animal you may have is injured we have a state of the art veterinary hospital and on the move vets that could come to you. There are also places you can camp near reserves where the wild horses will be roaming.

The people here at Equine Landia will have ONLY actual country people. In our small town east of all the farm land there is a church and store for shopping though raising your own foods and growing your own crops is looked highly at. People here will NOT be like fake Cowboys and girls that you see in the movies. They will be real country guys and gals and to each family will be horses. The people here will be friendly and neighborly even though most neighbors aren't within a quarter of a mile. Each person in the community will do their part in keeping it beautiful. The people here remain respectful. There are no limitations as to how what equipment you have. For example: combines, tracors, trucks, or even buggies and horse drawn plows. Within the town there will be places to park or to tie your horses. EVERYONE in Horse Landia will be loving within in the community.

There are a wide variety of values here. We all love animals and love to raise and show (or just ride) horses. The only exception for not going to church is if something goes wrong or you need to get something done back at your ranch. That is completely acceptable and I'm sure the lord would understand. As far as laws they are about the same as any other place (the ones that differ will be listed in the next paragraph) We are a happy place and enjoy relaxation. We are also very loving with the people around us. This community should be a place of peace.

Though most laws are the same we have a few different. Parties, for instance, can be as loud as you would like since, you probably live far from others and or since you and your neighbors should be friendly, they will already be at the party anyways. If you aren't a cowboy or cowgirl then you will audimatically be unable to live here for this community is only meant for those who are country. When you get here you have to take a test to make sure you are suitable to live here. We want to make sure everyone in Equine Landia is happy and safe.

Thank you for looking into Equine Landia. We hope you meet our criteria, and share our same values. We are always looking for new families or people to move into our community. You could be next. 😉

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