J. Lewis one point perspective project

I think my first one point perspective cityscape was unsuccessful because it doesn't have color, value, or texture in it.

In my second cityscape I combined line, shape, form, harmony, and balance to make a one point perspective drawing of a city including clouds and a sun.

I think that this drawing was successful because I combined multiple elements of art to make a balanced work of art. It would have looked better if I included color and value in it.

About Impressionism artists, I knew most of them were from France. Claude Monet painted the water lily pond and Edouard Manet painted a bar at the Folies-Bergere. I knew an example of pointillism is red dots placed next to yellow dots will appear as an orange area.

I learned that by coloring with marker, the opposite color you want something to be then putting that color on top it creates a layered image of multiple colors. I also learned that by combining that same shade of colors you make the image have more detail and depth.

Pointillism- a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image. I created the impressionist technique by adding emphasis, shape, and color to the image and using strokes to color in the space.

The impressionist artists were making pointillism more popular among other fellow artists like Georges Seurat.

The artist of this painting is Claude Monet was trying to capture the fleeting qualities of nature. In this painting I see a bridge over a pond with lilies. In this painting I see a very nice balance between contrast and color.

It contains harmony through out the painting using shades of blue and green. It has a very nice balance between contrast and color.

I think everything about this painting is good. I think the painter did a very good job painting this masterpiece, because he mixed shades of green and blue to create strokes across the trees, pond, and bridge. Other people should see this painting because it would inspire people to paint and open up opportunities for people. I think other painters would say something like, "This is indeed a work of art to behold". I would give this artist a A, because the time and effort was obviously put into it and its hard to say anything bad about this painting. If I owned the original piece, then I would probably sell it and get a lot of money. The dedicated artist who took all the time and effort needed to paint this beautiful piece.

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