Colors of Cuba

During a 10-day trip to Cuba, I must have snapped close to a 1,000 photos on my Iphone7. This is a compilation of images of buildings, doors, walls, interiors, tiles, graffiti and artwork. In Cuba, graffiti is banned but it exists; and the little I captured was spectacular. In Trinidad, homes are built right up to the sidewalk and everyone has their doors or windows open revealing their tiled floors and colonial interiors. We visited several artists in their studios and I'm showing some of their work here.

I opted to go "off the grid" while in Cuba, meaning no wifi and live posts. It freed me from looking down on my device and made me pay 100% attention to my surroundings. The process of culling, curating, editing and crafting a story post-vacation makes for a savory experience. These are my memories.

CUBA is just so goddamn colorful.

These were taken in Trinidad. I like how the adobe is exposed when the paint layers have peeled off.
L: an ornate iron security wall, R: mosaic tiles in Cafe Don Pepe. Both photos taken in Trinidad.
Photos by Glenda Leon juxtaposed with tiles and wall in Trinidad.
L: staircase in Trinidad library, R: crumbling building for sale in Havana
L: Santeria figure in Trinidad, R: Havana graffiti art
Both pictures taken in Trinidad. I like how the pink/blues/yellow go together.
L: Trinidad doorway, R: paintings by Beatriz Santacana
L: Santeria homage in Havana, R: resin sculpture by The Merger
L: oil painting by Ibrahim Miranda, R: dining room of Sandra Ramos
L: vintage CHE postcard, R: graffiti art in Havana
L: crucifix in Trinidad, R: photo by David Beltran
L: civic center in Trinidad, R: tiles in Havana
L: worktable of artist Beatriz Santacana, R: Havana graffiti art
Colorful tiles of Trinidad
L: green doors in Trinidad, R: Library of Trinidad
L: Havana buildings, R: tiles in Havana
L: doorway in Trinidad, R: graffiti art in Havana
Tiles found in Havana and Trinidad
L: painting by Douglas Perez Castro, R: outdoor dining area of Beatriz Santacana
L: ceramic plate of Beatriz Santacana, R: tiles in Trinidad
L: tiles in Trinidad, R: painting by Sandra Ramos
Clockwise: doorway in Trinidad, painting by Eduardo Yanes Hidalgo, pretty rose tile in Trinidad
L: painting by Sandra Ramos, R: stairway in Trinidad
Both buildings in Trinidad use that same color I call "guava"
Clockwise: tile in Trinidad, Che tile found in Havana, Havana doorway, Trinidad building

Classic American Cars

Isn't this one of major draws to Cuba? At first, it's a novelty. Then you realize this is the norm. Some are glamorous, the kind that makes you feel like a movie star. Others are a death trap or a ride from hell. I tried very hard not to take car photos. Cars just aren't my thing. But I succumbed because they are beautiful and VINTAGE. If you know me you'll know I love vintage (my justification).

Yellow Bananas and Orange papaya
BTW the car on the right is like Uber Pool, you pay 1CUC for the ride. I rode one of those in Havana by myself. I felt very badass if I may say so.
Pussy Pink and Red Red Wine
Pina Colada

Hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for my Cuba Itinerary! If you'd like to read more of my Travel Stories, click on the button below.

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Tesa Totengco


All photos taken with my Iphone7. Cover is a photo of Glenda Leon's work.

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