WiFi TECH OF THE ANCIENT GODS The Roots of The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

Ever wonder what the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil really was? Many people think they already know the answer, but they are wrong. Very wrong...

The correct answer is both simple and stunning when placed in the proper context: TECHNOLOGY. It's critical to realize that "modern humans" were not the first to invent and employ science and technology on planet Earth.

In order to begin to decode the actual nature of the Fruit of the Forbidden Tree here is critical clue  from the Bible:

...of their LABOR

Therefore, in this case, the term “FRUIT” is a metaphor for something produced by “LABOR” such as a product manufactured in a factory.

This is another way of saying a PRODUCT manufactured by group LABOR.

And by definition, to EAT is to CONSUME. So when we are told that Adam and Eve ate of the Fruit, it means they consumed the FRUIT / LABOR / PRODUCT.

ENKI aka LUCIFER: The Light Bearer

Thus, after agreeing to the terms of the salesman/god in the garden, they became consumers/customers of the PRODUCTS manufactured by the gods.


In order to accurately identify the PRODUCT/LABOR/FRUIT linked directly to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil we must examine Sumerian texts.

In the Enumma Elish there is a section called Enki and the World Order. In it we read about the ME’s Tree (plural) in the garden of the gods: Eden.

Below is an artistic representation of a ME TREE of the gods.


Below is a photograph of a modern cell phone tower camouflaged as a tree. Note the direct parallel in technological design and function to the ME TREE of the gods.


The following facts are now crystal clear when put in the proper context. ME Trees were ancient, high-tech, wireless network towers connected to the ME, which were also known as the Tablets of Destiny. These Tablets, often described as crystals, were highly prized possessions of the Sci-Tech gods of Atlantis. They were used to control weapons systems, communications, weather, healing, etc.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that all our modern cell phones, and wireless devices, have a ME ID number.


In Sumeria, the ME (aka Tablets of Destiny) were the FRUITS/PRODUCT of the gods; aka the Annunaki of Atlantis. And it is only now, when modern humans have been given increasing access to the ME-TECH of the gods, that we can recognize the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Walled Garden (EDEN) was a ME Tree: A cell tower disguised as a tree.

miniature ME TREE (aka a modem/router) connected to a cell network of the gods

These technologically advanced gods used networked, wireless systems for the creation and control of their culture. This same system is being used to control us today.

We have followed in our ancestors footsteps because, in relatively modern times, we were urged to do so by a specific, Atlantean scientist named ENKI and his family.

why is ENKI glowing?
note the forbidden fruit bearing illuminating information
gazing into the light of Lucifer

enlightened by the fruit of the ME TREE

Sir Issac Newton was an occult student of ENKI
the fruit of his ME tree of good and evil

Enki is also known as EA, Ptah, Lucifer, Father, etc. He allegedly genetically manipulated DNA to create a hybrid human, which is our ancestor the ADAM/ADAPA.

He also reportedly saved us, his creation, from the Great Flood despite the desires of some of the other "space gods" in his family that wanted to see us washed away forever.

global aerospace and aquatic wireless tech of Atlantis

It appears that after Enki gave us limited access to the networked, wireless, ME technology of the gods, we were cast out of the EDIN / GARDEN into a new way of living; no longer fully connected to the Cosmic Web of light that birthed our souls and all life that exists in Gods Creation.

notice the rays of wireless energy connecting the communications network

We are currently being covertly ruled by Sci-Tech gods that are earthbound. They are not aliens from outer space. They are native to planet Earth and will remain here until they learn how to balance their Scientific Lust with Spiritual Love.

Aerospace Cell Tower Tech of Atlantis and Lord ENKI in an underwater Fish Suit

After Atlantis destroyed itself in the distant past, due to their leaders rampant abuse of science and technology and a lack of spirituality and love, it slowly rebuilt its global empire like a Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes. Eventually, the New Atlantis expanded into wilderness areas that were redeveloping after the flood. That is when the gods, directed by Enki, urged our ancestor/survivors a choice to become loyal subjects of a theocratic technocracy or be considered enemies of the empire to be gradually eradicated from the earth and replaced. It was understood that we would be ruled covertly by the ancient SCI-TECH gods of Atlantis and would only eat of their FRUIT / LABOR for our survival. Unfortunately, over time, many of our ancestors ultimately agreed to participating in the New Atlantis at a great cost: Freedom. Here is where we find the hidden meaning of the so-called sin... or SYN... we all have inherited. We are subjects of a digitized, WiFi, SYNthetic, wireless Empire of reported "Good and Evil." In fact, it is an artificial Web Of Lies that keeps us disconnected from the divine Web of Light and our intergalatic family.


end transmission