Encampment river Loop for D-Curve and Fly-Fishing Outfitters with Sofie Boggs and Lucia Bryan by Colorado people photographer sean f boggs

Wild strawberries on the shore of the West Fork Encampment river

Sofie and Luli are 16 year old Colorado natives that met in preschool. Still best friends 14 years later, they're dropping in on some of the finest trout water on the planet and making two dads more stoked than words can say.

We got eyewear from D-Curve and bugs from Fly-Fishing Outfitters of Avon Colorado and we busted out a 20 mile loop in the Mt Zirkel Wilderness with fat packs loaded with fly rods, dried foods, and the unbreakable bond of father daughter love.

Sofie's in the Green hat, Lucia's in the orange one. 200th of a sec at F7.1
The blown down trees were an ancient form Chinese torture that the girls endured like bosses. No dads were injured in this process, which we considered a significant success.

First camp was 9 miles in on west Fork Lake with a near full moon. Check out the elk herd in the background.

Sunrise was beautiful on West Fork Lake. After a breakfast of oatmeal and hazelnut butter we bolted for the main fork, where we hoped to find hogs swirling in pocket water.

125/sec at F11

The hike was beautiful with several water crossings and deer and elk tracks everywhere. Day two's camp was on the main fork of the Encampment River. There were bunch of rusty spinners, green drake and yellow sally mayflies coming off so we put in a good trout hunt.

We found some hogs in the oxbows near a sublime meadow.

Day 3 started with a whale hunt and when a storm rolled in we packed up and strolled out to the truck with a feeling of a satisfaction that I have to admit, was tinged with a little regret that it was all over a little too fast. Just like life. Love your people right now folks.

I'm a proud dad. I have a daughter with a 4.0+ in school that can carry 30lbs + for 20 miles with a smile on her face and love in her heart.

Me in church on the main fork at Camp 2.

That's the patagonia merino wool base layer hoodie. It is my favorite layer by far. Kinda funny looking but the warmest and most comfortable piece of clothing that I own. Photo credit Sofie E Boggs.

Big Thanks to D-Curve and Fly_Fishing Outfitters.

Thanks for looking at my photographs and reading my BS. Love you dudes, stay strong and do what you want with your life starting right now. Remember, other dudes got real jobs. : )

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