Manon Rheaume The worlds first female to play in the nhl


Manon Rheaume is the first ever female to play in the NHL. She is an inspiring role model to many young girls today. You may also know her from her charity work she does to give free scholarships to young girls across the globe. She is a mom know who has two boys, one of which is working with the USA National hockey team. So let's find out some other interesting things about Manon Rheaume.


Manon Rheaume is a retired goaltender for the Tampa Bay Lightning. She started playing in 1991 and ended her legacy in 2009. She made it to the Olympics winning medals all around. Know she raises her boys at her home in Quebec, Canada. Know you can find her helping out girls all around.


Manon Rheaume has contributed many things to out society. First she inspired girls to do what they want even if there are things holding them back. Then she started a charity to help girls reach their dreams. And to top it all of she donates scholorships to young women who inspire to make a difference in the world. She has helped out our society a lot, and you might not even know it!

Why she is famous

Manon Rheaume is famous because she is the first ever girl to play in NHL history. She is also famous because she started a charity for girls who want to achieve their dreams. And she is lastly famous because she appeared in the movie Between the Pipes. You might have not noticed but she has done quit a bit!

Experiences that made her important

Manon Rheaume is an important figure to society. First, she was obviously the worlds first female to play in the NHL. Then she started a charity to help girls. And she also stopped 7/9 shots in her game with Tampa bay. And lastly she is raising a hockey loving son who plays for the USA National hockey team.

Things I admire about her

I admire so much about Manon Rheaume. I admire her braveness because she doesn't care about what anyone else is thinking, like if people are thinking girls shouldn't play hockey she doesn't care about. I also admire how she helps out her community as well like donating money and helping out our society. And lastly I admire how she is confident about playing hockey. She doesn't care what others think of her, she is just doing hwat she loves.

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