A Maori Shaman's View

Pure Shamanic Oil is used for many things, but as a Libido Enhancer, it is a Natural Aphrodisiac. It is derived from the Kawa Kawa Plant, then rendered in a unique, yet traditional proprietary process. It has been customarily gathered in the ancient forests of Aotearoa New Zealand. It is an interesting rather, serendipitous experience, not to be taken as a sensation drug, but rather as sort of mind detoxifier. One is then able to engage more naturally in one's sexual liaisons, rather pleasantly satisfying. In this day and age of multiplous distractions, it is a wonder we are our true selves when we engage with each other. So this oil will blanket the stupidity of thinking while love making, because in love making you must feel you see, You Feel, not theorise what he/she is going to do next, that interupts and brings an awkwardness to the whole affair. Men tend to over think.

The Maori Shaman are reknowned for their frank honesty, which doesnt please all of the people all of the time.

This plant was once used by my people for centuries before colonisation. We used it for various conditions and as a general preventitive health measure. Even the journals of Captain Cook, (the great explorer) detail the incredible health of Maori, where our diet and our sensual expression, was significantly different from the modern conventions of today, indeed we were for a time the children of Paradise. Diet included concoctions of this Kawa Kawa plant, as a staple tonic. My peoples perception of its significance, will differ from yours, but its efficacy of purpose is what matters.

I sense some people will call it all mumbo jumbo, they are bound by their own beliefs. The world still hasn't worked out why a sugar pill called a placebo MUST with calculated regularity, cure some people of cancer and other serious conditions. I'm sure if they spent as much money on answering that question honestly, we would not need their pharmaceuticals anymore. So as you can see that question will remain unanswered as long as there is money to be made. Because there is no incentive to answer it honestly. I say indigenous natural products are anathema to big business, so no wonder the bastards want to wipe out our forests and re-engineer our seeds. If there are no more natural things left on the planet, they can monopolise and franchise their own patented synthetic crap for us all to depend on. At least I have enough Natural Shamanic Oil to keep me sane for this lifetime.

Shamanic Oil is derived from the Kawa Kawa plant, only found in New Zealand. It is rendered in a proprietary manner that makes this already famous plant used in Maori Remedies, ever more efficacious

Among its many uses, traditionally Maori used this plant as an aphrodisiac to arouse the animalistic passions that catalyse healthy sensualised engagement. The odour is particularly appealing for females, (for some reason). Men tend to mentalise too much. Men like visual stimulation which is a general truth. Females are more likely to be touch oriented. I am a body practitioner, most men emphatically decline the notion that Shamanic Oil will ever arouse them. As an erectile therapist I know it induces a male to a healthy susceptibility for erection and for stamina, they are usually oblivious, their minds are everywhere else. Basically men should just sniff it and go with the flow, when they do this it does flow. As for females, their lit up eyes soon betray them when they sniff it, I have to chuckle to myself that I can see what they are perplexing, it is generally a wicked naughty expression that sweeps across their faces. As if they have just discovered something very taboo.

Piri Ratana (Maori Shaman) Producer of Pure Shamanic Oil

Relax and Stimulate

Shamanic Oil seems to relax yet stimulate the mind in an be-known manner, yet operating away from what we are thinking. Erectile dysfunction is commonly attributed to that part of the brain where stress also resides. It is considered likely that mentalised stressing is the nemesis to erectile good health. Some people use their minds far too much, far too often and far too obsessively. There is nothing attractive about these people. They are generally a lonely bunch of fear ridden, self obsessed, self loathing and pitiful individuals. But the great news is, this oil even works for them too. The oil allows one to expend stamina naturally, either way it keeps you both attuned - Do make sure you buy a bottle each as they become a very personal thing to carry with you.

This plant has been a Natural Aphrodisiac for my people for nearly a Thousand Years.

Its a nice gift for your lover immaterial of which sex you are.

We ship anywhere in the world

A bottle can last as long as 5 years

Spice it up, and send a little bottle of this unassuming, yet very effective PURE SHAMANIC OIL to your lover. Throw in a box of chocolates, and a swish of roses for good measure. Its the nicest way to commence a courtship or help retain the vivacity of your existing relationship to celebrate Valentines Day an anniversary or anything else you can cajoule to make LOVE

It is an emboldening oil that harks back to the various traditions of Maori
passionate engagement is a healthy expression of relationships

Passions that catalyse our sensuality can be dramatic or subtle. Intellectualising or analysing outcomes only leads to frustration, just engage. Immersing oneself in the moment is key to ones sensuality flow.

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