Enjoy the Journey a story about a JOURNAL, A CAMERA BAG and the cavan community

Cavan BrandCamp conceived of an idea to tell a story about our community traveling around the world connected by shared objects and experiences. We were inspired by artists passing down objects or journals between friends who each added their own personal touch before handing it off to the next person.

Around this same time we were introduced to a company called Lexdray who just completed production of a brand new camera bag. Lexdray created their 'San Fransisco Camera Bag' with careful feedback from influential shooters around the world. Their attention to detail, careful curation and sense of community closely mirrored Cavan's own mission.

The next steps were clear. We would send a Journal across the globe to our creative community and Lexdray's Camera bag would be shepherding it along the way. In addition to the camera bag and journal we will be including some creative tools to help each photographer make their mark before passing on the kit. This includes a fuji instax camera/ film and various implements- Sharpies, Drawing Pencils, glue, tape etc...

Lexdray San Francisco camera bag
Moleskine/Adobe Smart Notebook
Cavan's 1st Entries!

We’re sending our new bag on a journey, not with one photographer, but with many. Each photographer will use the bag during an adventure, then pass it along to the next photographer, and around the world it’ll go. Before passing the bag on, each artist will add to the collaborative experience of the journey - We’ll gather all of these bits of creativity and collective experience and combine it all into one final art-book illustrating the long journey of our wonderful community, our journal and our humble bag.


37º21'7.7112"N , 23º27'47.376"E

The Maiden Journey of our project was undertaken by the intrepid Sidney Bensimon. Sidney is no stranger to adventure. Born and raised in Paris she has currently set up camp in Brooklyn, NY. Her Path to Brooklyn included extended layovers in Atlanta as well as Los Angeles. Her professional experience includes commercial and editorial assignments that are responsible for much of her global mileage.

From her journal entries: ...have gone to Croatia, Amalfi Coast, BVI's, Haiti, Martinique...but this one was my favorite trip. Some of my favorite people were here experiencing sailing for a week. We made breakfast's and lunches and happy hours all together...Jumped off the boat for swims many times a day, laughed and had slumber parties on deck...Making pillow and towel forts with all the Turkish towels we got on the Islands.

Being surrounded by the ocean is my favorite thing in the world. The Ocean, or Maybe Poseidon takes away my worries and anxieties...nothing but staring in awe at mother nature matters.

Take good care of our beautiful Earth.

With Much Love, Sidney


44˚10'15.66"N, 115˚6'32.326"W

The next chapter follows Garret Suhrie on his Journey to the Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho to view the total eclipse on August 21. Garret is a Los Angeles based travel and landscape photographer. His formal training in painting and art history greatly influenced his craft, as he focuses mainly on long exposures and painting with light. He simply traded in a paintbrush for a flashlight. The night is often mysterious and magical, a peculiar feeling he embodies in his images, using light to capture the surreality of dreams in waking life.

From his journal entries: ...The Earth went quiet and it still brings a tear to my eye. Apologies that I don't have pics to share here, but I was so wrapped up in the pure elation of the moment, even me, a professional photographer, didn't take pictures, I just needed to experience it. No regrets. Then it was back to the real world. Had to fashion crutches from branches to hobble down the mountain with my busted leg. A one day hike took 3, but still, a journey worth every step.

I hope wherever this finds you you're having some amazing adventures.

Safe travels fellow wanderer, Garret Suhrie


23˚41'52.951"S , 133˚52'50.689"E

Pippa Samaya took the bag to Australia for the next stage of the journey. Infused by travels to various eastern cultures from a young age, Pippa has continued to be an explorer of life on a global scale. A strong believer in learning through experience, she continually seeks to expand her heart, mind, spirit and craft. Based now in Melbourne, Australia, Pippa continues to travel interstate and overseas for work and growth alike: always hungry to expand her world and profession. Through her imagery – be it conceptual or documentary – Pippa finds the emotive essence of the subject and exposes the simplistic beauty in what is.

From Pippa's journal entries: ...Hello wanderers, What a treat to be a part of this global journey. My name is Pippa and I will be inviting you to the red earthy heart centre of Australia. Even though I was born and grown by the coast, there is something about the vast desert lands that always feels like a sacred home coming to country. In these lands the connection to the earth is powerful & raw. There is a healing energy here, and yet, the deep wounds in this countries human history seem somehow more vivid. I am blessed enough to travel here each year and work on a project with a small bundle of beautiful dancers who work with young kids here, sharing their craft and with it striving for a new path to empowerment- regardless of age, race or gender.

Be present, grateful, open hearted and #enjoythejourney.

Pippa Samaya


37.7339° N , 119.6377° W

Born and raised in Virginia, in the suburbs of Washington D.C., I always had a desire to travel. I wanted to see the big snow-capped mountains of the western U.S. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone, I moved into my car for a month long road trip to Wyoming. After a couple weeks I found that a nomadic lifestyle fit me. Months turned to years and I've become addicted to change. I work when I have to and move when I can. Travel is what drives and inspires me. I'm constantly on the road chasing new horizons. Working with Cavan the past few years has given me the freedom to skip the 9-5 and spend my time exploring and photographing the places that I love.

From Nick’s journal entries: ...I’m not sure what it is that drives my travel. I like change, too long in one area and I start to get antsy. Photography is a major factor, but I think the strongest force behind it is curiosity. I always have a strong urge to see what’s around the next bend. Waking up to a new horizon makes me happy. Long drives force me to look inward and think about my life and the choices I’ve made. Sitting out here in the cool morning air, watching the first light of the day creep along the Sierras, I feel like I’m home. Living in my truck I have everything I ever need with me, so I get to make some of the most incredible places in the world ‘home’.

This lifestyle has become my version of normal. I can't imagine any other way. So I just keep moving and shooting.

Nick Roush


Cavan Images LLC

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