ACP Midwest Nationals "Don't stop until you're proud"


Columbus Convention Center- Hall E 400 N High Street, Columbus, OH

Athlete Team Room : C160 Family Team Room : B 244 B245

The owners of AE & CW are excited to let you know that we will be sharing parent & team rooms at American Cheerpower this weekend. It's going to be a great celebration together. This will be an opportunity to meet the new friends and families of both AE & CW programs.

The rooms B244 & B245 at the convention center are there to be shared by both programs. The teams will each have a separate space to warm up in room C160 We will also post a schedule of all the team performances and encourage everyone to support as many teams as possible. There is nothing like a huge crowd to help these kids hit the routines of the season. The WEBC will be providing refreshments starting in the AM and will also provide Pizza for the kids throughout the day.

Let's have a fantastic weekend as we move into the next chapter with the anticipation of writing our story together

Please CLICK HERE to view the parent info packet from ACP.

Spectators: Cash Only Admission: $25 1-Day, $40 2-Day Kids 5 and under are free Age 60 and older $20 1-Day, $30 2-Day with ID Active Military $20 1-Day, $30 2-Day with valid ID


The Summit Qualifier!!!
The Cheerleading Worlds Qualifier!!!

Competition Schedule

Please CLICK HERE for a mobile version of this schedule!

"Family Fun" Info

There will be an athlete scavenger hunt in the family team room! Turn it in for a chance to win 25% a placement prep clinic!!

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