Controlling Journey of seeing jody being controlling in chapter 5

As Jody is becoming Mayor of the town, he is becoming more controlling of it of the towns people and more controlling of his wife. The towns people are also noticing that he treats Janie horrible too. of him as well. As it states in the book "Thank you yuh fuh yo' compliments, but mah wife don't know nothin' 'bout no speech-making'. Ah never married her for nothin' like dat.." that shows how he is controlling with Janie and telling her what to do and trying to put her in her place.

As Jody continues to be controlling with his relationship with Janie he is also controlling with the towns people. In this passage Jeff Bruce states "We bend which ever way he blows," Sam Watson agreed, "but at dat us need him." That shows that whenever Jody does something everyone goes with him and does it with him

As Jody is becoming mayor people are noticing he is making her do things and controlling her. In this passage the towns people say "Maybe he make her do it. Maybe he skeered some de rest of us mens might touch it round dat store. It sho be is uh hidden mystery yuh me." that show how he is been treating Janie and the towns people are noticing.

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