BIG & Sous L'Arbre Acoustik Music Group and Socio-Cultural Association



BIG is an artist from Dakar, Senegal, and his musicians are known as “Sous L’Arbre Acoustik.” He formed his music group in 2012 in Ouakam (a popular neighborhood of Dakar in Senegal) where a group of friends would meet to drink tea and play music daily under a palaver tree outside of his house. For the past several years, this tree has been a daily meeting place for friends and community to spend time together.

His music style consists of afro / world / traditional, blending many different rhythms from Africa. He sings in Wolof, Sérére, Pulaar, French, and English. BIG has opened for several well known Senegalese artists such as CHEIKH LÔ, OMAR PENE ET LE SUPER DIAMANO, ORCHESTRA BAOBAB, MAO SIDIBÉ, YORO NDIAYE, MAREMA, NABY, and more.

BIG’s first album, Def Lo Kham, was released in January 2017, and recorded in Dakar, Senegal under supervision of Wilfrid Zinsou (saxophonist for Cheikh Lô) and produced by his American manager Jessie Gates. The album was mixed and mastered in the United States by Jason Richmond.


Official Music Video: "MASSA THIONO"



In addition to his music group, BIG created a socio cultural association with the Sous l’Arbre community which engages in different social domains.

Cultural Workshops

Sous l’Arbre Acoustik gives artistic and cultural workshops to schools, international students, and organizations. The workshop program includes a concert, and workshops in African dance, African drumming, Senegalese musical philosophy and Senegalese cuisine.

Community Involvement

Sous L’Arbre Acoustik brings music to vulnerable populations and schools in Dakar, while also encouraging them to think critically, evoking issues such as equality, and personal growth through music. Partnering with organizations SAMU Sociale, and Nuevo Futuro, Sous l’Arbre Acoustik puts on concerts of awareness to educate the population about structures in place to help vulnerable populations in Senegal.

Environmental Awareness

Sous L’Arbre Acoustik puts on events and concerts of awareness to educate local populations about the importance of taking care of the environment, as well as informing people about activity that threatens local ecology.




BIG & Sous L'Arbre Acoustik has been featured on several radio stations across the US and Canada, particularly on BONJOUR AFRICA by Bouna Ndiaye.


UPCOMING: Canterbury Festival (2019) Canterbury, England.

MAPAS Festival (2018) Canary Islands, Spain.

Selected for the Business Round Table Networking Event.

Music in Africa: Accés (2017) Dakar, Senegal

One of three groups to showcase exceptional emerging talent in Senegal. BIG was one of 25 African artists chosen to participate in ACCÈS’ workshop: “Steps to a Professional Music Career”

International Jazz Festival (2017) St Louis, Senegal

Concert / Master Class with École Prytanée Militaire

Cité Avion 24H (2017) Ouakam, Senegal


Visa for Music (2015) Rabat, Morocco

Attended only

Ouakam Chante (Ongoing) Dakar, Senegal

Our own festival that we started in our neighborhood in 2016 and are working on expanding. Recently participated in the Creative Enterprises Program with the British Council to work on expansion.


JESSIE GATES, International Manager / Artist

  • contact@souslarbreacoustik.com
  • +001 360 981 5377 (WhatsApp) (Preferred Number)
  • +221 77 343 5520

MALANG NDIAYE, Local Manager

  • Malangn@gmail.com
  • +221 77 319 0029

For more information / video / audio samples, visit our website at www.bigsouslarbreacoustik.com