Today's topics Grady haferbecker

12-8-16,my dog totally missed the couch and smacked his face into the couch. He is getting really old but it's really funny
12-9-16 "We are failing elephants"CNN, the population of elephants has gone down 30% from 2007 to 2014. This is sad for elephants because hey are so cool and do nothing wrong.
12/12/16 , yesterday frisco the boxer sang along to rudolf the red nose reindeer. I wish my dog could do this.!
12-13-16. The population of reindeer is shrinking because of global warming. People are blaming it on loss of food source. This really sucks.
12-14-16. Cats and other animals show quantity-related abilities. Without training, kitties can pick out differences between groups of a few small objects, such as 2 versus 5, I think this is kinda cool.
12/15/16This poor guy was shot by 2 arrows in the shoulder and neck. He is ok and is recovering now. This was in China when a dog poacher was hunting.
12/17/16 Scientist show that dogs with anxiety develop white hairs on there muzzles earlier than easy going dogs. I think this can help people realize if there dog needs help or just needs to relax.
12/19/16This new ghost shark was found abound the northern hemisphere today. This is a really neet shark I think
12/20/16 A new prehistoric bird was discovered at the university of Rochester today. This is cool because it's so close to home
12/21/16 These dinosaurs were discovered but something isn't right they only have teeth in there youth. This is kinda cool and it makes me really interested in how they live.
12/22/16 cats always knock things down. This isn't because they are little devils even tho they are, it's because they are hunting for things.


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