The Baffling World of forensics by Taylor Cox

Forensic science originated in China, where they developed Ancient Chinese forensic medicine as a result of the era’s social and religious structure

Forensics didn't gain popularity until the 1800's, which is incredibly surprising because of it's early origins hundreds of years before.

With it's growing popularity came many advances in forensics. Fingerprint identification, DNA profiling, and blood tests were some of the groundbreaking developments in forensic science.

With all the new revelations you would think that the crime rate would be lower compared to the last 50 or 100 years. America’s crime solution rates compared to the percentage of crimes solved from 1933 have not improved.

Forensic science has a strict “Chain of Command” that must be followed precisely in order for any evidence to be credible in court

Because some police investigators continue to mishandle physical evidence, and continue to rely heavily on eyewitnesses, jailhouse snitches, and confessions, juries don’t always get the physical evidence they desire and expect.

Forensics is a blessing and a curse because it has helped us learn so much about crime, but when it´s not handled perfectly bad people get cut loose.


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