Giving is Living Stones of Kindness

"Memories are what stay inside us."

At our March Super Soul, we discussed many of the life changing lessons that Mitch Albom learned when writing "Tuesdays with Morrie". Three lessons that stood out were the following:

  1. Giving is Living. Taking can make you feel like you are dying. It is in the giving that you will come to life.
  2. Memories are what stay inside us even after someone is gone. Go make memories with your loved ones while you are still here. Those memories will live in their hearts even after you are gone.
  3. Throw stones of kindness. We shared a marble with each of the ladies and asked them to have it serve as a reminder of what one act of kindness can do for someone. One act can send out a ripple that touches one life, and another and another. You will never know the impact of one single act of kindness.

The Concept of the Sharing Plate - We decided to take on a simple project of making "The Sharing Plate" to capture these 3 simple ideas of giving, making a memory and spreading kindness. The idea is simple. Create the plate (easy instructions below), pass on to a friend and share something you love with them such as flowers, a gift or a special treat. Have them return the favor in kind to someone else.

How to Make Your Own Sharing Plate - Items you will need are a printer, a black sharpie, scissors, a pencil, painters tape and a 12" or larger white plate or decorative platter (make sure the center of the plate is smooth and free of any ridges so the font will transfer over).

STEPS:  Print out the picture of the text below on an 8.5" x 11 sheet of paper (or feel free to use another font you like just make sure it will fit on your plate). Once the text is printed out on the paper, cut off bottom half/blank portion of the paper. You only need the area of the paper where the font is printed.

  • Turn the paper over onto a table (font side down). Take the pencil and heavily shade the area where the font is. You can hold the paper up to the light to make sure you have shaded over the back side of the font area. [See pic below.]
  • Turn the paper over and position the paper font side up where you would like it to be on the plate. To make sure it stays in place, tape each corner of paper down with painters tape. [See pic below.]
  • With a pencil, trace and outline the font. Be sure to firmly press down with the pencil. [See pic below.]
  • Gently lift up the paper and you will see that it magically transferred the font to the plate. [See pic below.]
  • Now all you have to do is take the sharpie and completely color in the font.
  • TIP: If you mess up at any point, you can take a q-tip and dip it into nail polish remover to remove any sharpie mistakes.
  • Write your name with sharpie on the back of the plate (optional).
  • To permanently set the sharpie on the plate, place in a 350 degree preheated oven for 20 minutes.
  • Lastly, fill the plate with something you would like to share with someone and pass it on to them. You can include a note with the link to these instructions and encourage them to continue the "ripple effect of kindness" by passing along the plate and sharing something special with someone else. Be sure and include a reminder to sign their name to the back of plate for everyone to see with whom the plate has been shared.

Hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial. I am not a "crafter" by nature but have to say this was super easy. As shown in the pics above, I love the idea of sharing flowers (peonies are my personal favorite), a pretty tea cup or special gift such as a birds nest to serve as a reminder of all that Spring brings to us with that impending sense of renewal.

Much Love,



P.S. Come join us for April Super Soul.


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