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US paid $8000,000 and frigate as tribute 1795 in turkey. They paid for the tribute because it was a tribute to the montevideo with 7 officers and 80 men on frigate and towards the end they paid $6000,000. The tribute was for 7 officers and 80 men. The men that were killed got their grave special made

the rosetta stone in craved.

These are the pictures that are on the stone.

These are the rules you need to follow when go see the rosetta stone.

In 1295, sassanid dynasty ruled persian empire. In the picture above is a picture of where they ruled the empire.

In 1819, the United States began restoring.

Trade routine since ancient times. The picture above is a picture of where persian gulf is location. It is a sea in western asia. Body of water in an extension of the indian ocean through the strait of hormuz.

Bind bridge between two continent center of conflict in the region. sinai Peninsula is sparsely populated desert region between red sea and Mediterranean Sea.


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