America Is Sexist savaughn james

Thesis Statement

I choose America Is Sexist because over the past few years I have noticed that society treat men as the more superior gender. We underestimate women and their capabilities. This topic is very important to me because to me we are all human and we are all capable of anything that we put our hearts to. I feel that we shouldn't be labeled and put into a category just because of the norm that women should be home cooking and cleaning and taking care of children. Women are much more than just a female that can cook and take care of the man of the house.Women can push themselves to their own limits and shouldn't have to hide that or not be able to share that with the world just because boys are suppose to be "stronger". Me as a young women shouldn't be limited and give the boys all the shine just because they think women are weak and not able to do the same thing as a boy can. Sports ,jobs, and other events that both genders have to participate in should not be altered or changed up just because people underestimate women. Give women a chance to prove themselves and show our true ability. We as women are more than what people say we are and we need to be treated as so. We are just as strong as any boy. We created men so their for we are able to do exactly what they do and maybe do it even better. Stop treated us women as anything less than what we really are.

Historical Event #1

According to Psychology of Women Quarterly women get paid 77 cents for about every dollar that a male makes. Also women have to give a lot more effect and participation in their positions at jobs more than males have to. This study is said that women have to fight for their spot in job environments because the their top competition is the males. Discussing ours pay is looked down upon because of the difference between males and females. Due to this competition the joint economic committee report states that about 60 % of women have minimum wage jobs and around two thirds of part time workers are women. Women have to face certain sterotypes in the job environments because for one women are looked to be the caregivers and the ones to be home taking care of the family instead of working. Some jobs are not even provided to women because they are considered to be a mans work. Women at certain jobs encounter more safety risk than man encounter. In 2010 out of the 11,717 sexual harassment reports around 83% of those reports came from women. This wage takes effect of people very early in life. According to the Congress economic committee during women first year of working right after college the males are making $7,600 more than the women on an average. In year of 2010 female workers only make up 6.2 % of the top paying postions.

Historical Event #2

Sports are very biased towards women and their abilities. One sport that is sexist is tennis. The mens pro tennis players play five sets while women only play three. This was established in 1902 by the US Lawn Tennis Association because they were concerned about the women and their over exertion. Disregarding the players skills and how long they have been playing the sport they still do not allow boys and girls the same rights while participating in the same sport and the same age. US kids gold held a tournament with a boy and girl same age and only allowed the girl nine holes while the boy was able to play eighteen. These gender rules don't only apply to tennis but they are taking force in basketball as well. These rules are put into force for the "weaker" women. In basketball women earn 2 point for every basket which makes their game shorter and men earn one point making their games longer and more intense and entertaining to watch. Rutgers women soccer team chargers $4 to attend the game and for the men they charge $7 to attend. Their are physical differences between men and women but that shouldn't effect a sport that both genders can play. All sports no matter what gender is playing should be advertised the same and encouraged to watch the same. WE shouldn't put a label on all the women because it all depends on the person and the individual capability of that certain person.

Historical Event #3

This article Cheryl Rios, the CEO of Go Ape Marketing in Dallas states in 2015 that women are not fit to run the world. She believes that women should stay home and cook the meals for the men. Cheryl being the women she is, she is putting herself and millions of other women in the stereotype that we have had for millions of years. The stereotype that we should be home and taking care of the family and that's all we are good for. Women such as Clinton herself are so much more than just another face in the kitchen cooking and taking care of children. Women have brains and we are just as intelligent and powerful as a men. Clinton was the hero to other women because she showed that we can be business smart and we are capable of doing what men can. Rios believes women should just back and let the man handle it and this is how she runs her household. She limits her family and her household because she is not allowing herself to grow and be the smart women she is if she lets the man in the house do everything. America is so use to women being in the house and taking care of children and men that this mindset on women has become normal and no one realizes that women are capable of much more than just cleaning. Clinton being the first women to run for president has shown us how far a women can go. America needs to stop sexism because if Clinton can make it as far as she did no telling what other people can do.


I choose to do this visual because it incorporates a lot of different examples of sexism in the world today. I chose to do this visual because I didn't want to be focused on just one event because in the world today we have many events that connect to sexism and I wanted to show as many of those events as I could. I wanted people to see more than one event on sexism because this is a very important situation that has been around for a while now and not just one event is more important than the others. They are all equally important and the community needs to be exposed to ever single event. The pictures on my board show how the world view women and men different and this has caused events such as sports and job salary's to be effect by it. The two man symbols on my poster are the men and women gender sign and I felt to have the signs stand out more because the main focus on sexism is the two different genders. Both symbols represent something very different from each other and this has caused stereo types and certain gender roles. Each individual pictures represents what they label women to be and how they label women to act. Other pictures show how they are more superior to the men and how the men earn more money than women. The rest of the pictures are apposing sexism and bringing to peoples attention to stop sexism because its limiting women and the young women in our generation today.

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