Fit To A Tee by: guvany del valle

1. Its the first amendment in the bill of the rights" And I don't know why it should be given up".

2. Because those items can be used as a weapon against other students or teachers or another reason is because the clothing your wearing is inappropriate .

3. Some people are against school dress code think that its does nor respect individuality and the people that don't argue say that students should be aloud to expressed them self.

4. A student brought to school once a shirt with men with guns and the school told him to leave and the student took it to court and the judge and he decided that the dress code was to general.

5. We the people wouldn't have our voices which change almost everything in the united states.

6. I think the dress code isn't necessary I think we should all be aloud to express our self through clothing and I don't think that should be taken away.


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