The Book Thief Themes Stephen brewer

Fear can be erased and resisted.

"There were the erased pages of Mein Kampf, gagging, suffocating under the paint as they turned" (237).

This quote shows that as Max paints over the very words written by his oppressor, he is metaphorically killing the fear that can be instilled by the words of Mein Kampf. The book, written by Hitler himself is easily washed away by Max's efforts. He is not scared or repulsed by this book but rather he gravitates towards it and unknowingly creates symbolism in doing so.

A real life example of this theme is in this story of two men who chased down criminals despite the threat of danger. This is an example of the theme because the men in this story resisted the fear that most people would feel when a killer is fleeing from the scene. The two heroes did not feel scared as they did what they needed to do. The book and this story are related because each of them act with bravery despite the threat of immediate danger on each of their parts. Although the murderer's version is a bit more extreme both of them are based upon the same concept of resisting fear.

Love continues even after death

"He'd have been glad to witness her kissing his dusty, bomb hit lips" (512)

This quote originates from an extremely sad part of the novel in which Rudy is killed and Liesel kisses him although he had died. All throughout of the book Rudy would beg for kisses, trying to win them and such but to no avail. Rudy and Liesel had grown to love each other after all they had been through together. Even after Rudy dies, she continues to love him and exhibits one last display of affection for the boy. It's a sweet moment with a lot of meaning and character. Huge piece of the theme I chose, just going to show that death can not stop unconditional love.

A real life example of this is in this story, of a dog who loved his owner so much, he stayed by his owner's grave for 6 years even after his death.

This is an example of the theme chosen as well because even after the death of the owner, the dog still found it necessary to show signs of love for the man who had died. A very good dog and knows how to love as well. if fits quite perfectly with this chosen theme and is a great story.

St. Mary's Glacier, where I cliff jumped.


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