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Well we had survived two very hot nights in the hides by the lake and in the forest watching brown bears in the wild in Finland. We had managed to stay awake all night. Not that there was much to see after 1.30 a.m. But you never knew and we waited in expectation. Hope springs eternal.

The lake at the lodge. Not a bird in sight.

Rather than sleep, I decided to take photos of the lake by the lodge and the wildlife attracted to the feeders in the forest area. Very pleasant way to spend the day.

What was particularly surprising in Finland was to see lakes with no wildlife or birds at all. The explanation was that with 180,000 lakes to choose from, the birds would go to a lake where there were no people.

Red Squirrel on some decaying wood

The final night would be spent in a hide near a swamp. It sounds a lot worse than it actually was. It had been so dry for so long that the swamp was not very wet, although we did see bears that were wet so there must have been some parts of the ground that were wet. We never got the opportunity to get a closer look for very obvious reasons. The heat was very unpleasant but fortunately mosquitoes do not like heat either so we were not too affected by the mosquitoes. Or perhaps the mozzy spray worked better than we thought.

After spending a night in the forest hide I was keen to have breakfast but did not really want to spend the day asleep. I thought (and I was right) that I would be able to stay up all night without sleeping during the day.

After a very welcome breakfast I sat around the lodge and took photos of the wildlife that came to the bird feeder. The challenge was to get photos of birds and wildlife without getting the feeder in the image. Easier said than done.

Red Squirrel in a tree in the forest
Red Squirrel watching me from a distance safely in a tree
Bird on a feeder
Bird on a branch of a tree near the feeder

The swamp area was an open area where bears wandered freely outside the forest. We got to see lots of mother brown bears with their bear cubs and the odd huge adult male bear who got chased away. I thought that the female bears were large. I only realised that they were not so big when the adult male bears appeared.

Brown bear cub walking in the swamp area
Another image of a brown bear sitting down near the Taiga Forest
Another brown bear on the edge of the swamp area.
Female brown bear
Mother Brown Bear walking on the swamp
Mother brown bear and bear cubs
Mother brown bear
Bear cubs
Bear Cub
Two young bear cubs playing in the swamp
Bear cub with fur moulting suffering in the heat
Mother brown bear keeping watch over her bear cubs
Mother Brown Bear
Mother brown bear sitting in the grass of the swamp
Brown bear taking a walk after cooling down in a mud bath
Brown bear cub
Mother Brown Bear
Female Brown Bear
Brown Bear
Brown Bear Cub
Bear Cub Lying on His Back
Bear Cub in the Grass
Brown Bear Cub
Bear Cub with Mother Standing Guard
Keeping Guard
Keeping Watch
Bear Cub
Mother brown bear visits the swamp with her two bear cubs
Brown Bear in the Swamp Area
Reindeer at Kuusamo Airport

We saw lots of reindeer crossing the road on our two hour journey from the airport to the lodge but for obvious reasons none near the forest where the bears roamed. So, no photo opportunity until on the trip home we saw a few reindeer walking around the car park at the airport. Only in Finland.

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