Delivering “fashioned” happiness together the story of László and Luis cooperation in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

László is a young aspiring entrepreneur from Romania who has been involved in entrepreneurial activity since high school. Starting an online store at the age of only 17 enabled him to discover his passion well ahead of time. Zamir store delivers personalized T-shirts, sweaters, hooded sweatshirts and socks, with dreamy or cosmic prints :).

After the first year, László's online shop wasn’t bringing as good results as expected. Not having any previous experience in the field made things difficult for László. Then, he was referred to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneur programme by an alumnus. He immediately realised that this would enable him to learn a lot of things from an already proven entrepreneur, thus developing the necessary skills to build a successful business.

Luis is also a pretty young entrepreneur :), from Spain, who by the age of 30 already had seven shops in Colombia, one in USA and four in Spain. He combined his fashion company with a social initiative, which boosted the shop concept and made it successful very fast.

For his expanding brand, Luis needed a fresh mind in the company to update the brand with new technologies and trends, mainly in the sales and marketing area. Thus, László’s experience in online marketing and graphic design was a match! On the other side, László needed a role model a young entrepreneur that had already succeeded in the retail fashion industry, being interested in learning from real, recent and relevant entrepreneurial experiences and stories.

During the three-month exchange, Luis and László worked together on several commercial projects, reached various marketing and sales objectives and discovered new business opportunities. More importantly, they became real colleagues, they had weekly mentoring meetings, in which they shared both personal and business-related experiences, inspiring each other in their entrepreneurial quest. Thanks to the mentoring sessions with Luis, László’s online shop improved greatly in sales, customer service, customer satisfaction, product design and… the list could go on! László also managed to learn all the necessary steps to open and manage a physical store, and he is already planning to open one in his hometown. He also had the chance to be involved in several departments of Luis’ company, gaining even more business knowledge and skills.

From his side, Luis’s business benefited from László’s expertise in web design, ITC and graphic design:

“It has been so far the best new entrepreneur I have mentored. It felt he was practically a co-founder rather than an external collaborator. He has been so immersed in the company that his role is now a necessity for our business. Thanks to him and his work, we managed to rank our company first on Google Maps in Barcelona for handmade shoes”.

László is really grateful for all the support offered by Luis during his stay:

“I believe that his story is not told enough, there is an amazing story behind Luis’ project, which I have been able to live in person. As a mentor, he didn’t only guide me through my business decisions, but most importantly he inspired me to think bigger, to continue improving myself and to grow my business.”

The exchange between the two entrepreneurs went so well that they decided to continue collaborating in the future. Thanks to the programme, László has acquired valuable skills and knowledge that already helped him in chasing his dreams.

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