The rhino is a mammal just like a dolphin. It's average lifespan is about 35-40 years. Although the rhino is popular it's conservation status is CE or critically endangered.
The rhino is a herbivore which means it only eats plants. Also, it's only predator is the human. But, it is now illegal to hunt rhinos in the wild so that they will not go extinct.
The oxpecker (shown here) eat ticks off rhinos bodies and then squak when danger is coming. Oxpeckers are very important to the rhino.
The closest rhino relationship is between the calf and it's mother. They stay together for 2-4 years and then the calf has to leave and mate.It is likely they never see each other again.
Rhinos live mostly in savanas and deserts. It is easier for them to live in the warm weather because there are normally less humans so they are safe and far from danger.
The western black rhino- which is now extinct hit a record high speed for a rhino at 55km an hour! This rhino was big and bulky and had a horn in the middle of their head.
The rhino has an extended vocabulary of snorts, grunts, growls, squeaks and bellows. When the rhino is attacking it does its battle scream- or a snort and reaches up to 30 miles an hour.
The rhino is hunted mostly for it's horn and skin. They are now protected and considered prized animals. It is even a symbol of conservation in Africa as the bald eagle is to us.
The rhino is immune to some poisonous weeds. So, they eat these plants and help their homeland from having to survive with these bad plants.
The rhino has lived on earth for over 50 million years and still lives here today. Hopefully they will never go extinct and we can see them forever!❤️❤️


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