At Lake Level, August 2019 The official newsletter of the City of South Lake Tahoe

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The City of South Lake Tahoe is pleased to publish its monthly newsletter - "At Lake Level." You can sign up for the newsletter, and other City News, by texting JOIN NEWS to 30890 or clicking here. The monthly newsletter is prepared by City Manager Frank Rush in an effort to keep our community well-informed about City issues and initiatives.

City Focused on Emergency Preparedness – New Evacuation Map, Alert System

The City continues to work to improve emergency preparedness in our community, in an effort to keep our residents and visitors safe. Public safety officials have developed a new, interactive evacuation map that identifies evacuation routes, temporary refuge areas, lake-based evacuation locations, and also includes other preparedness information in the event South Lake Tahoe is impacted by a major disaster. To access this helpful information, and view information specific to your neighborhood, please click here. The City has also implemented a new emergency alert system to get the word out quickly, and you can easily sign up for emergency alerts by texting JOIN PREPARE to 30890. Be prepared, and be safe!

Help Us Better Understand YOUR Housing Needs in South Lake Tahoe – Complete the Survey!

The City is working with multiple partners to identify and implement effective strategies to promote workforce housing in South Lake Tahoe. One of many current initiatives is the South Shore Housing Opportunity Assessment and Action Plan being led by the Tahoe Prosperity Center, which is expected to be complete by early 2020, and that will provide a roadmap to guide these important efforts. You can help us to better understand YOUR housing needs by participating in a brief, confidential online survey here. The survey closes on August 15, and you’ll also have a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to a local establishment in South Lake Tahoe. Thank you for your input!

City Council, City Staff Working to Build FY 19-20 Budget That Addresses Highest Community Priorities

City Council and City staff participated in an all-day budget and capital planning workshop session on July 16 to review various needs in our City and further refine priorities for funding in FY 19-20. City staff will present the FY 19-20 Recommended Budget to the City Council on September 3, with Council adoption expected prior the October 1 start of the new fiscal year. The FY 19-20 budget is expected to include sufficient resources to address the Council’s top priorities, including Fire, Police, street maintenance, workforce housing, public transit, and more.

City Reviewing Asset Inventory, Working to Make Land and Commodities Available to Promote Workforce Housing Development

City Council and City staff continue to focus efforts on workforce housing initiatives, and are currently exploring the direct provision and/or liquidation of City-owned land and development commodities to promote development of new housing in South Lake Tahoe.

The City is in the process of selling City-owned property on Barton Avenue, and will soon market City-owned parcels located on Ralph Drive and Washington Avenue for sale. Sale proceeds will be earmarked for future workforce housing initiatives, and will be combined with other dedicated revenues as part of a new Workforce Housing Fund. The City is also exploring partnerships with workforce housing advocates to develop new housing units on City-controlled parcels on Riverside Avenue, and is actively considering other City-owned parcels for future development.

Finally, City Council is expected to consider a new, formal policy for the sale and provision of City-owned development commodities (residential allocations, commercial floor area, tourist accommodation units, and land coverage) in September. Certain development commodities would be provided at no cost for qualified housing projects, and the sale proceeds from the sale of commodities for other projects would be earmarked for future workforce housing initiatives in the new Workforce Housing Fund.

City and County Officials Begin Work to Develop New Agreement for “56-Acres”

The “56-Acres” parcels, located in the center of South Lake Tahoe across from the Lake Tahoe shoreline in the Bijou / Al Tahoe area, are owned by El Dorado County and the City and managed according to a long-term agreement that will expire in 2023. City and County officials will soon engage in preliminary discussions on the future development and management of this important public area, with a goal to reach a new long-term agreement to maximize public enjoyment of the amenities at this site for the next several decades.

Many ideas and strategies will be considered, including a new or renovated / expanded Recreation Center, a potential outdoor performance venue, new park amenities, improved access, campground improvements, development of new public buildings, and more. The City and County are working in partnership on this initiative, will engage the public as the process moves forward, and ultimately the City Council and the County Board of Supervisors will consider a new, long-term agreement sometime in in the next few years.

Street Rehabilitation Work Continues

City contractors are working hard to complete the rehabilitation of approximately 3.5 miles of City streets in the Gardner Mountain and Sierra Boulevard areas, and work is expected to be complete by October. This work represents the City’s first step toward the development of an annual, sustainable street rehabilitation program, with a goal to improve 5 – 6 miles of City streets every year. The City recognizes the disruption and inconvenience for residents in these areas, and appreciates your patience and understanding as we work to complete these beneficial improvements.

City Enters Partnership with El Dorado County and Placerville to Address Homelessness

The City Council recently approved a Memorandum of Understanding with El Dorado County and Placerville to work together to address homelessness issues in our community. The governing bodies of all 3 jurisdictions will meet jointly in September to initiate the new partnership, and the City will be an active participant in the El Dorado Continuum of Care model aimed at addressing these issues in a more focused and effective manner. Significant additional Federal and State funding has been awarded to El Dorado County (approximately $2.2 million in 2018) for these efforts.

Shoreline Improvements Completed at Lakeview Commons

The Public Works Department recently completed shoreline stabilization improvements at Lakeview Commons. The department coordinated the placement of cobble and sand along the shoreline to prevent further erosion, preserve public beach access areas, and protect public infrastructure improvements at this popular location.

Tourism Improvement District Renewed

City Council recently renewed the South Lake Tahoe Tourism Improvement District for an additional 10-year term, ensuring the continuation and enhancement of targeted tourism promotion efforts by the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority. The Council’s action enables the continued collection of special nightly surcharges on short-term accommodations in South Lake Tahoe, which will generate more than $2.7 million for tourism promotion in 2020 and annually thereafter. These earmarked revenues are in addition to more than $18 million of transient occupancy taxes collected annually from these same accommodations, and these revenues are used to support essential City services (Police, Fire, street maintenance, snow removal, and more).

2020 Census – Make Sure You Are Counted!

The 2020 US Census is nearly upon us, and the US Census Bureau, the City, and other area agencies are all working to ensure that every single person is counted in South Lake Tahoe. An accurate count is critical, as US Census data is used to determine the City’s representation in Federal, State, and County government, the allocation of Federal and State funding to the City, and by many public and private sector organizations to make important business and economic decisions that affect us all.

It’s now easier than ever before to participate in the 2020 Census, with the ability to self-respond on the internet, by phone, or by mail. Internet responses will begin in March 2020, and represent the easiest way to respond. Individual responses are completely confidential, and all information is reported in aggregate statistical format only. To learn more, please click here.

Whole Foods Expected to Open in November

The new Bijou Marketplace commercial center on US 50 near Ski Run Boulevard is nearly complete, and several tenants are now open for business. The Whole Foods Market, the main anchor of the new center, continues to prepare for its grand opening, which is now anticipated in November.

Campground By The Lake Closing After Labor Day

Campground By The Lake is scheduled to close earlier than usual this year due to the scheduled construction and installation of new restroom / bathhouse facilities and associated utility improvements in September and October. The campground will close for the season after the Labor Day holiday, and will not reopen until spring 2020.

Join Our Team – Employment Opportunities Available!

We’d love to have you consider joining our team of City employees who are working diligently to enhance the quality of life in South Lake Tahoe! The City has several full-time, temporary, and seasonal employment opportunities, so check out the list here.

Did you know?

The Lake Tahoe Airport currently operates at an annual deficit, with the City’s General Fund subsidizing airport operations and capital improvements at an average of more than $500,000 annually. City officials are currently exploring several strategies to make the Lake Tahoe Airport financially self-sufficient, and thereby free up these General Fund revenues for other core services.


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