Keeping Up With Chrissy i put the 4 in 14

This is 14

  1. Fourteen is like riding a bike. There are tough hills you have to climb and easy slopes you can ride down. Ever since you have learned to ride a bike, you still had your training wheels on because you're terrified to fall and scrape your knee. The moment you take off the training wheels, and your Mom or Dad is holding on the back of your bike, but they let go anyway because they want you to fall, so they can pick you right back up and catch you. You had no idea how to ride a bike nor how to balance. All you knew was that the worst was yet to come. They release their hand's off of the bike so you can figure out that you can do things on your on. The moment of pleasure when you finally get it on your own. That is fourteen.

Fourteen is entering a new stage of your life. Fourteen is halfway until the average student is over with school. The knowledge and background you have in every subject are expanded and reviewed. Fourteen is hours and hours of studying a week just for a simple test, so that you end up with a high grade. After a long 8 hour school day and 2 hours basketball practice, I get to come home and sit at my desk and conquer 2-3 hours of homework. Even though “they” say each subject shouldn’t take no more than 20 minutes. Yeah right. Of course all of the new teachers and new teaching styles are challenging as well.

Fourteen is JV basketball. I can't quit basketball because I love the sport and I have to learn to have multiple responsibilities like an adult, but I need more time and sleep.

Fourteen is having friends you can trust and look up to, but it’s not that easy to find. Old friends are going to different schools, and new friends join friend groups. I have to take responsibilities and act like an adult, but make sure my friends enjoy me. Even if I have to act like a kid and take risks by making dumb mistakes even if they are on purpose.

Fourteen is just wanting to be a kid and having fun. I want to be a kid and have fun. I want to go on bike rides with my family and enjoy their company, but I have so many responsibilities at this age. It’s just so hard to juggle everything, like homework.

Fourteen is family. My brother, my mom and of course my dad. Every day after a long day of work or school, we all come together as a family and have dinner together. We all remember all the fun times we had as a kid and the comfort of the memories, but what about the scary downfall when I go off to college and my parents have no one at home to look out for and teach lessons to? What about the fun times we are going to have together in the future? I won't be a kid anymore, and I have to be an adult and prove myself to my family, so will it ba as much fun? There are so many questions that need to be answered.

Fourteen is rough. You're in the middle of a child and an adult. You're stuck in the middle. You have to make choices depending on the situation. Either you are going to act like a kid and have fun or be an adult and live up to your expectations. To be honest, I want to stay a kid; I want to fall off the bike and have fun with the experience. I want my Dad holding on the back of my bike. I want to make the mistake of taking my training wheels of early, but I especially want to climb those slopes no matter how steep.

What is hope?

Hope is the feeling of having something more

The desire the want no matter how impossible

The tiny feeling inside that opens the door

To comfort, that makes you feel unstoppable

Hope is the want and the fire

In a cold and dark tunnel

That lights the way you admire

It makes me feel that the day before prom

That finally a cute boy might ask

Hope pushes you through the fire bomb

Of a terrible moment, that moved too fast

Hope is the want and the fire

In a cold and dark tunnel

That lights the way you admire

Hope is that every Christmas morning

The desire to finally hold a bunny

And having hope without even having a warning

To say hello to my favorite pet, Honey

Hope is the want and the fire

In a cold and dark tunnel

That lights the way you admire

Hope is that the Cowboys

Will finally win a game

And hold the trophies

In fire flames

Hope is the want and the fire

In a cold and dark tunnel

That lights the way you admire


A dear friend of mine

I have a brother named, Anthony. Our relationship is sometimes hate, but mostly love. I don't think he remembers me, he has gone to college, and it's been so long since I've seen his bright smile and soulful eyes. I miss him and can't wait to see him. I miss his laughter and long jokes that don’t make any sense at all. I also miss his cheesy haircut and his love for animals. I mostly miss him and his advice when I need him.


By the way, have you heard of the sport Baseball

I have watched every single one of my brother's baseball games. I missed parties, play-dates, and concerts to watch my brother play baseball. Some of the games weren’t even important, I just loved watching him play. I watched my brother win a State Championship as a Senior. He had 4 RBI’s and got the last out of the game. Anthony won the MVP and got to keep the game ball. My brother is now playing baseball at Wagner College in Staten Island. I am so proud to be known as his sister and what is becoming today.


Can't stay

My brother has gone to some place called, college also known as prison. It is apparently a place where my brother is captured and I can’t see him. I hope he breaks out and comes to visit me soon.

Christmas morning in a paragraph

I love waking up as a 14-year-old and jumping on to my parent's bed. As we run down the stairs to see what Santa has left us this year. . The smell of Santa's Cookies still fill the kitchen air, while you open up your presents. I love the satisfaction of opening a present and hearing the wrapping paper rip while my family and I sit under our Christmas Tree.


Fifteen years young

I'm so excited to pronounce that on March 14th, of 2017 at approximately 3 pm I will turn 15 years young. I don't like looking at the negative perspective in life, I am not a half empty kind of girl. I love looking forward to the great family gatherings and the great times I get to spend with my family. Fifteen is going to be different because I am one year older and one year smarter. Being a freshman is hard enough and with one year older, it takes a load off my shoulders.


Home away from Home

My home away from home is my Dad's Restaurant. I love visiting my Dad at the restaurant and watch him make pizza and cook in the kitchen. He taught me how to cook and bake in his restaurant. I'm happy that we can share this experience together, especially with my role model.


Just checking, what was the joke?

Funny words that sometimes don’t make sense, but it sounds odd, especially in a weird alien voice.


Long Island or long vacation times

During the Summer, I like to spend my time at the Jersey Shore for two weeks. Our little town is full of friends and family, and everyone knows everybody. There are houses built along the beach waiting for the next victim to buy. In particular, our house is a block from the beach and two blocks away from my favorite bakery, Susan's. Every morning my family and I walk down the beach to visit. I have a bagel with cream cheese, and my mom and dad have two eggs with bacon on the side. My brother gets the large stack of pancakes with a glass of milk. After we all head to the beach, to soak in the sun rays and swim in the water. Its time for a family get together; when everyone goes over to our house, while both of my parents cook an entire meal for all of our neighbors.


Pecoras rule the world

The one thing in life that means the most to me. Nothing is more important than family.


Squad rolling up

Friends come and go, some longer than others, but they are important to have.


Watermelon or Water Melon

Watermelon sour patch kids are my favorite candy in the world. There is no room in watermelon because I already ate it.

An open ended question:

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” says, my Grandpa as were driving back to my house. I don’t answer. This question always stumps me, and I never know what to respond. I want to be things and go places, but I'm not sure if I will enjoy the job or regret my decision for my entire life. I honestly want to be a doctor or lawyer or even a job that interacts with kids. I am mostly worried about choosing the wrong career and being stuck with it for the rest of my life. I finally answer, “I don't know.” My grandpa pulls over the car. He tells me, “That the future is everything and school right now is leading up to it.” He adds, “You need to make a decision, and you need to make it now, before you start working at the circus. A career is everything and the rest of your life and no matter how much money you're paid, you need to enjoy your future and not pray for it to be over.” I didn't understand it, but I nodded anyway. The next day he picks me up from school and asks me again, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I still had no answer. He says, “I'll show you what life will be like when you don’t work hard and take the time that you have now for granted.” Months and days went by where I still didn't understand.

Every November, my family goes away to the Bahamas to celebrate Thanksgiving. Once we finally landed the plane, I hear my grandpa whisper, “it's time” we get in the car to drive to the resort, but I fell asleep, so my grandpa had to wait until we left to prove his point. The resort was fantastic. Large Buildings next to water slides moving from one end of the resort to the other. Their were sharks were swimming down stream in a tube ride. Overall the week was great and so was Thanksgiving. I enjoyed so many things like their diverse foods. I tried anything I can get my hands on because their food blasted with power just like my family and I blasted off all the watersides. My family and I rode “The Leap of Faith.” It’s a waterslide that goes through a shark tank in about 25 seconds. We also went on a zip line from tops of trees to the bottom of a lake. To end the week of right we went snorkeling making the vacation a 10 out of 10. Finally but unfortunately it was time to go home. I start to pack my bag and get in the car. My grandpa was about to have his moment, but I start to doze off, so he nudges me. I open my eyes to the real world.

That day, my Grandpa taught me that I only saw Bahamas through one perspective, The beautiful beach, dinners and water slides. The real people living there weren't living up to those expectations. Some houses had a missing wall while others had shattered windows. There was only one bank in the town and they even had a building that was a library and museum in one. There was one road, and if you were in a rush, you better leave 2 hours before or else your be late to that occasion. It was a rough life, that can't be explained. There were just so many tragedies that wasn't your typical Larchmont house. The worst part is the people living there didn't know any better. They thought they were lucky if they didn't have a broken window. Now knowing what my Grandpa has taught me I am going to use this vivid experience in my future.

My grandpa showed me how lucky I had it. How can I go into an incredible resort and not know what the outside of it looks like? So my Grandpa asks me one more time, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and this time I answer. “A pediatrician” I have realized that it is important to have an idea of what your future is going to be like. For my Grandpa, he's happy that I have learned his lesson and that the job I picked “suited” me. I also learned that you have to look at the bigger picture. If I fell asleep again, I would have always thought that the resort is that same as the rest of the island. Finally, I learned that keep your eyes wide open because you need to be thankful for what you have and you have to choose a job now before life passes by. The want to be a Pediatrician is because I want to help the world and I want to prove to everyone that I will be meaningful in life, but to especially make my Grandpa proud to have a granddaughter like me.

Author's Note:

Writing isn't easy. It's like climbing a mountain it's the most painful experience of your life, but once you get to the top, it's the most beautiful view. You realize that all that hard work you put in came together. Hours and hours of writing and editing and restarting because you don't think it's good enough, finally comes together. In reality, no piece will be good enough; there is always room for improvement. Throughout the year, I have written five pieces, the next piece better than the next. Learning each day, it's not going to get easy. I have learning more and more about myself every day. After rereading and revising I have learned the language I speak, and I am becoming familiarizing with my writhing making it easier to write. I feel that all the pieces have a bit of me in it, each and everyone of them.

In my final piece What is hope? I learned that I am really good at poems and learned that I have faith in things, I didn't even know existed. After all of these years, it kept me going, that I'm going to be something one day that will succeed in the future. I'm very proud to be who I am. Even the little things that seem impossible can be possible with a mix of hope and dreams. In my piece, I kept referring it to as fire. It lights the way and the pathway that be dark and bumpy. It picks you back up when you're feeling the worst. Sometimes you have so much hope that you can be standing there with nothing left inside you, but hope fills that room of darkness. Hope truly is “...the want and the fire in a cold and dark tunnel that lights the way you admire.” I am most proud of this line because I think it captures the feeling of hope well. One of the greatest feelings a kid, student, adult or teacher, could ever have.

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