Mikayla Sheehan Photography


This is the first project we did in class. They are called photograms and they are made by placing objects on top the photo paper and exposing them to light.


These are some of my texture photographs. To take these I zoomed in on the objects I was taking pictures of in order to show the little details in each, which in turn showed the texture.


These are some of my favorite landscape photos that I took at tower hill. I like taking pictures of plants upclose so you can really see how pretty just one leave or flower many look. To make the face I combined my pictures from tower hill and another roll of film that I had taken of landscapes.

Self Portraits

These are some of the self portraits I took. I liked these three the most because they really captured what the person was doing at the time of me taking it and they don't look posed.

Double Negatives

These are examples of my double negatives. To take these you have to place film on top of film to make the effect that two different things are happnening. My favorite is the one with the books because I like the way they shadow each other.

Final project

This is my final project. To make this I used landscape pictures that I had previously taken and then printed some ones from a different roll of film. By doing this I was able to place them in the shape of a face in an abtrasct and creative way.

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