Cupid and Psyche By: ashley nolan

Psyche is married to Cupid, she has never seen her husband before but she does know that he is not a horrible terrible monster.

Cupid has a vision that Psyches sisters are coming and if she sees them it will bring about her death.

Her sisters are jealous of her fortune with Cupid and her good future.

Psyche begs Cupid to let her see her sisters, and he allows it. they devise a plan for Psyche to see Cupid, she would hold a oil lamp over him at night and then stab him.

During Psyches plan to see her husband, the oil spills and Cupid wakes up and disappears in anger. Psyche followed after him to try and find him, on her journey found Aphrodite.

Aphrodite gives Psyche many tasks to complete.

Psyche had to separate the grains, however she didn't complete the task alone, she had help from ants. Aphrodite didn't think she could've done it alone. Then she had to gather the golden fleece, she received help from a green reed. The green reed told her to wait until the sheep go into the shade and then pull the wool from the branches. Her next task was to gather the black water from the River Styx, she received help from an eagle.

Aphrodite had given Psyche a box to give Persephone in the Underworld, Aphrodite wants her beauty. Psyche was NOT allowed to open the box.

Psyche wanted to look good in case she ran into Cupid, so she proceeded to open the box. When she opened the box, she fell asleep immediately.

Cupid saw Psyche sleeping in the field and went and told Zeus the whole story of Psyche.

Zeus made Psyche the Goddess of soul and gave her a place on Mt. Olympus.

Cupid and Psyche then lived happily ever after!!!

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