My Life is in Shambles How will Anything ever go right?

We live in such a chaotic and fast paced world that makes it very difficult to deal with the ups and downs without having some sort of feelings about it. People speak to us without any grace or compassion, our children talk to us recklessly (if they are bold enough), customer service reps have little to no customer service skills, and that's just what we deal with as it pertains to the outside world. We have bills we have to pay, family and friends we have to deal with, and the emotional roller coasters we ride just being human.

You may be reading this thinking, "you know something, I am not exactly dealing with any of those things." My response to that, keep reading, and most of all KEEP LIVING! But there are some that can relate either directly, or indirectly by way of some things that are much more personal and specific to you. I say to you, be encouraged, and keep reading!

There is a quote that says, "You attitude determines you altitude." This simply means its not what you go through but how you responde or your attitude about what it is you are going through. I can say that there have been many things in my life that have had the ability to completely debilitate me. I'm talking harsh break-ups, to financial hardship, family issues, personal issues, etc. Many things that at the time had me in a place that I didn't think i would ever come out of it. Now that I am on the other side of those experiences, I can without a doubt tell you that a healthy attitude about your circumstances will completely change the outcome of those circumstances without fail. There are a myriad of examples of how this is not only healthy in your personal life but scientifically sound. AT the end of the day, facts and stats are not going to convince you to change your mind about your supposed "problems".

My unwavering optimism has gotten me in trouble with people, including my wife, but it has always shown to prove a great way to view things. You have to make up in your mind that no matter what life throws at you that you will through everything you got back at life. Not as if you are in a fist fight with you existence but more so that you are not going to allow anything to just take you out without a fight! You have a reason and purpose to our life and your pain and challenges also have a purpose, as well as an end date.

Nobody but you has the ability to change your circumstances but I am living proof that things will not change until you do. You may be looking at things that have you beaten to the core. Broken in your faith, hurt by people, sore by circumstance. I am not just telling you not to give up. NO! I am telling you that it is dire that you change your outlook because by succumbing to the pain of the circumstance itself you are completely overlooking the golden nugget hidden within the adversity of the situation. There is always payback for your pain, but you have to be open to it. Ask around. Nothing great ever came to anyone without great hardship in some area or another. It's mandatory! It's like the success final exams. This is why people say the phrase, "if you are going through hell, keep going!"

In turn, there ar many things that occur during that hyphen between our birth date and death date. Many highs, and many lows, many successes, and many failures. But what matters most is that we do not dwell on the things that are not so great in our lives but find the things we are most grateful for and focus on them. It's the law of attraction in action. It is indeed a simple practice, yet can be difficult getting started and staying consistent. Redirect your thoughts in those tough times by finding just one thing you are appreciative of. Something of beauty. Something truly magnificent, no matter how big or small it is. Take just a moment and ponder on it and not the challenge itself. Overload your senses with positivity and watch how a solution comes to you like a ray of sunlight on a gloomy day. It may sound whimsical or a little outside of the norm, but think about it, most great things are just that!

Be peaceful. Be Positive. Be Great!

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Alex Price


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