The Florida Museum of Natural History Taylor gauss

Nature on Display: This exhibit had several different types of jaws from different kinds of sharks. They were all massive. This exhibit gained my attention specifically because there were all these kinds of jaws, but at the corner of the exhibit it was noted that all of the sharks whose jaws appeared (including the one I am standing in front of) had all became extinct, except one. I have always had a love for sharks and the ocean since I was little, so it was cool to see how large some species of sharks actually were. This exhibit also made me sad because all these wonderful creatures had gone extinct.

Nature and Ethics: This exhibit was all about sea turtles and the beaches. This exhibit included the many reasons why sea turtles are endangered; many of those reasons are created by humans. For example, pollution, beach development, illegally harvesting, and fisheries are some of the few biggest reasons why sea turtles are endangered. When I saw this, it made me sad because I thought of Leopold's view of nature; that we need to appreciate nature not based on economic view. Human's are inconsiderate of this and only care about making money, which is why people illegal fish, overfish, and keep building on beaches. This wasn't the only exhibit that allowed visitors to connect with nature. There was also a butterfly garden, where you can walk through an amazing and quite large garden and have many species of butterflies fly around you. One actually landed on one of the people I was with. This allowed you to get up close and personal with nature and its butterflies. Walking throughout the museum, I almost had a sense of sadness. The sea turtles are declining and humans are the main cause. Species of sharks have gone extinct and humans could have been a major factor. Overall, the museum made me want to be more proactive and make others aware of Leopold's view.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Native Americans are a great example of people appreciating the mystery of the Earth. They did not have technology, so whatever they knew came directly from the Earth. This made me think back to those times without technology (so I didn't have to write this) and think about how life was like back then. The Native Americans were so connected to the Earth and all things living on it. There were other exhibits such as an American Mastodon skeleton (looks like an oversized elephant) which went extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago). It was a very powerful exhibit, showing what the Earth can create and house. Both these exhibits made me appreciate every part of the Earth. Humans, along with every other living thing, are all on this planet together. We should appreciate the Earth and every aspect of its being.

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