My way My Future #meme war!

Meme is life that everyone used it to be part of our life and if memes is gone from our world .... we dead

and if you hate memes you will be in memeber of Memes-meme bro 2017

WE sill start to be king of the memes at how to be fabulous guys ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fabulous Guy's
  1. Get some kitty
  2. and some make up
  3. walks to your GF
  4. say "i'm fabulous"
  5. and let your GF dump you
  6. Be a homeless man(By the way i mean Hipster)
  7. Listen Eminem "Rap God"song
  8. Destroy your Brain
  9. falls asleep
  10. wakes up at Jail
  11. got execute
  12. being stupid

As i said ... DON'T BE FABULOUS i said you know why? cause i'm dank memes that died long ago and i'm falcon lover......


Blue Bird

John doe


by lovely google!

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