Global Issues in todays Society By cHINYELU EGBUONYE

“One Step At a Time”

by Chinyelu Egbuonye

Climate change is a pressing issue that may not seem prominent, but there are predicted long terms effects that the earth may encounter, being proved by science. By renowned climatologists.

One solution that could easily resolve this problem would be to indulge in healthy practices.This includes, walking and biking as much as possible in the given community. In addition, carpooling would also be more cost efficient and save the young adult and or adult drivers both the gas and the time. To add on, composting is also on the table. This is the process by which the leftover components of vegetables and or fruit such as the peelings or scraps are compiled and they proceed to decompose. Through this process of decomposition, nutrients are returned to the soil.

“I have no recollection of it being this warm all the time. It was generally colder in January when I was younger. It has just seemed increasingly warm lately,” said Teralynn Steele . This year it is in observation that the climate during the most primary seasons is very bizarre. For example, this year around Christmas time it was approximately eighty degrees. It is justified that the main source of energy here in Texas is fossil fuels. There is a lot of buses that are utilized for transportation that run consistently throughout the day. These buses run on insanely large amounts of gas. More importantly, Texas in itself is a very big oil state with a mass supply. It is definite that there is easy accessibility, therefore there is a higher probability that one would overuse something that is in such close proximity.

“The arctic has taken the biggest hit. What’s happening is there is so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and it’s being trapped and it is not able to escape. Glaciers are melting and receding.” said Teralynn. The Arctic will indefinitely undergo a many of problems for future reference. This ecosystem is home to some of the most exotic animals on this planet. This includes, the polar bear, the sea otter, the orca, the emperor penguin and so on. As mentioned earlier on, with the warmer climate, because it is becoming increasingly warmer, winters in the arctic are not giving the ice enough time to thicken and recuperate. In fact, there will never be another issue along the lines of the Titanic due to the fact that the ice is just so thin.

The ice is a primary habitat for many organisms. The aquatic life such as the seals swim freely beneath the ice and hunt for their food sources throughout the day. Although, through this process of hunting for food they burrow holes beneath the ice to gather air every once in awhile. The seals are a primary source of food for the polar bear. Therefore, if the ice melts the seals will not come up onto the surface of the ice making it harder for polar bears to hunt them. Creating great conflict in the food chain. Moreover, they will have to swim at sea for days on end which can be both tedious and rigorous. Not only are the polar regions being affected but the following coastal regions are also being affected:

Florida, Texas, California, New Orleans, Mexico, South America, Haiti, Dominican Republic, UK, Hawaii , Japan and Australia.

“Solar energy can be utilized in the house in turn cutting the cost on electricity bills. Radiation is the most dangerous source of energy to be exposed to butat the same time the most efficient. It is 30-40 times more energy that you can gain from something such as coal. They are looking into hydrogen cars. In which the exhaust would be water.” said Teralynn. With an issue that is highly centered around the concerns of energy, renewable resources is a great department to look into. More specifically, vehicles that run on hydro power. Now, the proposed idea is not finalized but essentially instead of omitting fossil fuels into the atmosphere the vehicle would omit water. Which unfolds a beneficial component because water is renewable and at the same time not harmful. To add on, Tesla generated vehicles that run on electricity and can be charged at the designated charging stations to cultivate more power. Finally, there is also many of natural gases that can be looked into for extraction this includes Methane, Oxygen, Ethane, Carbon Dioxide, Octane.

Conclusively, climate change can best be defined as the unintentional warming of the climate do to human error. At this point in time, it can be said that it is unprecedented. Although, from what has been proved thus far, there is a many of things that the communities, societies and countries can do as a whole little by little to avoid these long term effects from occurring. On April, 22nd the Globe will take a part in a celebratory day referred to as Earth day. Through this one day out of the year, society can pitch in a helping hand to protect our environment and the predatory habitats around us. Earth is such a diverse planet with an exotic animal life and endless terrain preservation is the main focus. Sacrifice shall be made in the human effort.

The image shown above demonstrates one of the primary seasons here in the United States. This was taken in the winter, surprisingly enough. The climate this time around does not correlate with the character of the season. This is due to excess fossil fuels being emitted into the atmosphere. We can reduce this by burning our trash and reusing it for the greater good shown in the picture below.

Anatomy and Physiology: Inside Look

Quratulain Khan, instructor of Anatomy and Physiology here at Manor New Tech, will identify what influenced her to transfer and how she has adjusted through to PBL learning.

Abishai Mark Gundy one of the students who are enrolled in her anatomy and physiology class had a lot of background perspective to give on both her teaching style and the dynamics of the class. Abishai discusses one routine of many that the students follow everyday. “Daily, we use Echo to keep track of what we are doing on a day-to-day basis. We have warmups at the start of class, which start our brains up and have us ready to learn. The warm ups help our brains to refresh some of the information that we learned during the unit.” Alongside following methods of daily practice, Abishai also mentioned another primary asset of her teaching style.

The students often do stations in which they have to manually draw out the anatomical order in to memorize the key components of the body. Evidently, each student has a different preferred way to grasp the material. Although, through the method that Ms.Khan implicates the students practice muscle memory and visually get the opportunity to learn, hands on. Similar to that of other classes at Manor New Tech, she also designs a project launch to introduce the upcoming assignment. Aside from concrete work such as paperwork and things of that nature, projects allow the students to express their creativity rather than condemn their thoughts and ideas.

“With each project, we are given quite a bit of freedom, as we get to decide what the end product will look like, based on the rubric. We get to have maximum creativity in this class, as long as we demonstrate that we have met the requirements of demanded by the State of Texas Education Agency.”

Through the Anatomical and Physiological projects that are conducted in this course, the students receive the ability to digest the content and become familiar with complex ideas. Then, after the content has been thoroughly taught to the student, the student can then demonstrate their understanding. While also, regurgitating what they know with accuracy and detail. In addition, students get to reflect upon their shortcomings through given assessments. Ms. Khan, assigns each student with a review in preparation for the test and once the results have been configured they get to take time to self reflect.

Abishai ends on a positive note about the methods and choice of style in Quratulain Khan’s teaching methods. “Ms. Khan is doing a great of managing her class and ensuring that all of her students are able to grasp the information and apply it into real world scenarios, which her projects clearly reflect,” he says.

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