The Sdambulyak Family Geography

Hi, my name is Svyatoslav. I am thirty seven years old, and I live with my three kids and lovely wife. My wife's name is Viktoria and she is thirty three years old. I also have a twelve year old son named Alexander, a six year old daughter named Diana, and a six year old son named David. We live in Kiev, Ukraine. I own a contracting and building business. I work forty hours a week. My wife is a housewife. My monthly income is $10,090.

These are some photos of me, my wife, my two sons, and my daughter.

Ukraine is a very large country. It is located southeast of Europe, and on Ukraine's coast line is the Black Sea. The countries that border Ukraine is Belarus on the north, Russia on the north and east, the Black Sea on the south, Moldova and Romania on the southwest, and Hungary, Slovakia and Poland on the west. In 2013 the population of Ukraine was 44.5 million. The capital city is Kiev, and other larger cities in Ukraine are Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, and Donetsk. Their official language is Ukrainian, but they also speak Russian. Ukraine has a lot of black soil unforested grassland.

Me and my family live in a four bedroom house. We love our house, and its location. However, we don't like the fact that there are no shops nearby. Our roof is very well made. It is very sophisticated and made of durable metal. Our roof would look different if we were less fortunate. Instead of being made of durable metal, it would have been made of natural materials or cheap metals. We have reliable electricity, running water and a working toilet. Unlike poor families who have to wash their hands, in an open water bucket, instead of a sink. We also have a working washing machine, to wash and dry our dirty clothes. However, if we were a poor family we would have washed our clothes in an open water bucket. We buy all of our food, and it only costs us 10% of our income. Clean drinking water is also easily accessible in our house. But, this drinking water comes at a price that is still only 10% of our income. Eating meat is very common for our family. It is stored in our freezer and is eaten regularly. This is the complete opposite from a poor family. Eating meat in a poor family is very rare since, they can't afford it. We cook our food in a stove that runs on electricity. This stove is safe and ready when we want to use it. We also have a variety of utensils, like a bigger selection of cups, spoons, forks, etc. Whereas a much lower income family would only have one or two cups, spoons, forks, etc.

These are some photos of inside our house. Like food, fridge, utensils, roof, house, bathroom, tap and more.

We can save money. In fact, sometimes we go vacation with all the money we save up. The farthest vacation we have ever taken was to Egypt. Our dream is to travel the world and we are slowly achieving that goal. The next big purchase we are going to make is to buy a brand new car. Out of our whole house our favourite thing is our documents, and photographs.

The photo on the left is showing a picture of my children. And the photo on the right is showing how far Egypt is from Ukraine.

The Ukraine government pays a lot of attention to their education. The education system in Ukraine extends from pre-school to higher education. My children are in school. There are many schools located in our area where we live. The literacy rate of Ukraine is 99.7%.

This is one of the schools located in Kiev, Ukraine.

There are a handful of hospitals in Kiev. After all it is Ukraine's capital city, which means a lot of people are located there along with my family. According to the photos provided by dollar street you can see our family has several toothbrushes, and cleaning products such as tooth paste, etc. These are used to help keep our mouths clean. We also have medication to keep us healthy and to relieve pain. We have soap to wash away germs after we finish going to the bathroom. And plenty of toilet paper to use. Playing and physical activity is very important to children. Our family has many toys. These are manufactured toys since we can afford them. These toys allow our three kids to stay active and play. In 2015, the mortality rate in Ukraine was 16.4 out of 1,000 people.

The hospital above is one of the many hospitals in Kiev,Ukraine.

Every country has an environmental problem. Ukraine's environmental problem is the nuclear contamination, which was a result from the 1986 Chernobyl accident. Only one tenth of Ukraine's land was exposed to the radiation. And only one million people were exposed to unsafe levels of radiation through the consumption of food.

Children are being affected due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. With the fighting and life in eastern Ukraine getting worse, 1.7 million people are getting nationally displaced. On top of this, many families have lost their income, social benefits, and access to healthcare. While the price of living there has risen. Children are living with unpredictable fighting for the past three years! More than 740 schools have been damaged, leaving several children out of school. People must leave their homes, and have no access to water and heat. Nineteen thousand children face the danger of landmines. While 12 000 children live in communities that are shelled once a month. (Shell is a payload-carrying projectile that contains an explosive filling.) Thousands of children are forced to take refuge in shelters that are made with anything available. All of this is having a negative impact on the children. People that are close to these children have seen signs among them, like nightmares, aggression, and social withdrawal and panic triggered by loud noises. UNICEF has helped a lot of children in this crisis. They provided 207,000 children and caregivers with psychological support. They gave warm clothes to 10,000 children and families living in poor communities. They gave 2.5 million people safe drinking water. Rehabilitated 50 schools and provided education materials for 150,00 children. And they supported the safe births of about 29,000 babies with midwifery kits.

The Red Cross has been helping many people in this crisis. They have been providing many object/things to help the people in this situation. They have installed bomb warning signs to keep people from going into a land mine infested area. They gave 23,000 people cash assistance, to help them reach their basic needs every month. They also delivered 466,000 food parcels to 165,000 people living in vulnerable communities, and more. After all, these organizations are doing the best they can, to help people in these situations.

The photos above show the Red Cross symbol, and some examples of them helping people.


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