4B24 Paul Stanecki My Experience On ellis island

My name is John Cena. I'm 16 years old. I boarded the ship in Frankfurt, Germany 1926 to take me to America. My parents being super rich I got into first class on the boat. After days of being on a smelly boat we spot Ellis Island, and even better, the Statue of Liberty. I look around me and see people knelt down and praying, people breaking into tears. I felt my eyes watering as I saw freedom. We landed awaiting for hours of stops to get to America. I put my stuff down in the baggage room. We climbed the stairs to the registry room and the room was huge. We were checked for medical problems including and eye disease called Trachoma. I passed the medical exam without being diagnosed with insanity. Then I saw an Inspector that asked me a ton of personal questions and apparently I passed because he let me go. I traded my German money for U.S. dollars to live in America. I met up with my Aunt and Uncle who were also moving from Germany and we started a new life in New York, America. Later I got a job for wrestling and made a ton of money.

The Statue was built on New York Harbor. It was a gift from France. It was originally made of copper. It has a very sturdy and strong structure.

1. I liked the audio part of the stops 2. I also liked the part of when I finished 3. I enjoyed the fun facts during it


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