The Creation of the Holy Roman Empire by kayla Isbell


  • first king of Franks to convert Christianity.
  • Builds military forts under the noses of the roman.
  • He continues building his power base


  • Charlemagne founded both the French and the German monarchies.
  • Charlemagne expanded the frankish empire to rule a large portion of Europe
  • brought many reforms to the Franks
  • Charlemagne's mother was called "Bigfoot Bertha".
  • brought people together by the Holy Roman Empire

Pepin the Short

  • Successfully removed the lombards from rome,and gave lands to the pope
  • Ties were strengthened between the catholic church and the franks
  • Merovingian Dynasty came to an end when he took power with support of the Frankish nobles.
  • He promised to offer his protection to the church
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