Can't Fillet a fish? Here is the way to do it! By:James Bonanno

Fillet a fish is not an easy job but if you want to learn than you're in the right place The following steps should be handled with a supervisor.

A fish with knives in it because this person likes to fillet a fish.

The following steps are for people over 18 years or older to watch or help you do.

1. If you have any slime on your hands or the knife handle, wash it off to prevent slipping.

2. Always keep your hands in back of the blade. For added safety, wear gloves to protect your hands.

3. To fillet a fish, lay it on its side on a flat surface. Cut the fish behind its gills and pectoral fin down to, but not through, the backbone.

Fish lay down on flat side

4.Without removing the knife, turn the blade and cut through the ribs toward the tail.

5. Use the fish's backbone to guide you. Turn the fish over and repeat the steps.

6. Next, put the knife blade close to the rib bones and slice the entire rib section of each fillet away.

7. Then, with the skin side down, insert the knife blade about a 1/2-inch from the tail.

8. Gripping this tail part tightly , put the blade between the skin and the meat at an angle.

guy cutting the fish.

9. Using a little pressure and a sawing motion, cut against but not not through the skin. The fillet will be removed from the skin.

10. Wash each fillet in cold water. Dry them with a clean cloth or paper towel. The fillets are ready for you to cook or freeze them.

The following steps have given you the opportunity to make a big delicious dinner for you're family or even you're self!

Fish meal that you can make.

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