Knowing Dawdy Dawson Dye

If I had an endless supply of food, I would choose cheeseburgers.

If I could be any animal I would be a black panther because they're very majestic.

One goal I would like to accomplish in life would to graduate high school.

When I was little my favorite superhero was spider-man because I liked how he was so acrobatic and could jump off buildings.

My hero is River Jones because he is the best rapper of this generation.

My favorite thing to do in the summer is go to the beach because I like swimming and other beach activities.

If someone made a movie about my life, it would be about me going through college and having frat parties. David Spade would play me, but he'd have to get a perm.

If I was an ice cream flavor I would be mint chip because nobody likes me.

If I could visit one place in the world it would be British Columbia because it is very beautiful there.

My ideal dream job is to be a digital technology teacher because it is a very lit job.

I am a morning person as long as it is after 10 am.

My favorite hobbies are playing baseball and swimming.

I dislike sushi and fake people because they always start drama.

The weirdest thing I've ever eaten was some grass out of the ground.

My favorite thing about my mom is that she is very kind and caring.

A unique habit that I have is that I always chew the strings on all my hoodies.

If I could describe myself in three words it would be, "I am garbage".

If I had a movie made after me it would be a comedy because I enjoy laughing.

If I could be anyone besides myself, I would be Nicolas Beshiri.


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