The Best of What Canada Has to Offer By : Rizwan Salim

Canada is celebrating it's 150th birthday. Canada is a great place and has a lot of beautiful sights to see. Canada is where I call home and has gave me a lot of great memories that i will remember for a lifetime. Canada has a lot of things to provide for us, but the most important thing that have brought me joy is Sports, Niagara Falls and Freedom. These things mean the most to me because I have memories of things that happened there or when I was doing it. I had fun with family and friends which made it even better and had a great time overall.


Sports are an amazing thing. It is proven that many athletes do better academically because most sports require memorization, practice and learning which is almost the same when it comes to school work. Sports also teach teamwork and working cooperatively and teaches to be humble because it is not only about winning. Most importantly, it reduces stress which is a great way to focus on other important things.

Canada has a couple of great sports in our name like Hockey. Hockey is Canada's national sport. It was created in the 1800s and is still going on today. Basketball was created by a Canadian person named Dr. James Naismith in 1891. Today in Canada, Soccer is our most popular sport. What is known as soccer today, was called football in the earlier days of it being invented. The Manitoba Football Association was one of the first provincial"football"association formed in Canada in 1896 which lead on to many more later on. Lacrosse is also our national sport, but our national sport for summer. The National Lacrosse Association was formed in 1867, It was the dominion of Canada's first governing body of sport . It was confirmed Canada's Official summer sport in 1994 (Adamski).

Not only Canadians but everyone in the world should love sports. I love sports because it is a way for me to let go of everything that is going on and focus on whats important. It is also a way for me to interact with friends and family in a different way than regular, not only do you get to talk to friends and family, but you also get to have a good time while doing it.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a beautiful sight to see. Niagara Falls has a lot of things to do like go on a helicopter and fly over the falls, go in a boat and get close the falls, a journey behind the falls, zip lining, a sky wheel and many more amazing things.

Niagara Falls is a huge place which covers 212 square kilometers of land. Niagara Falls has been around for over 12,000 years and has been a great place for any kind of tourism for over 100 years. The Falls were formed when melting glaciers formed massive fresh-water lakes known as The Great Lakes. One of the lakes named Lake Erie flowed downhill to another lake known as Lake Ontario. The pressure of the water made a whole new river and then passed over a steep cliff like one of the falls. Water that flows over the falls ends up in Lake Ontario again and from there it goes to St. Lawrence River and into the Atlantic Ocean. Hydro electricity generated in Niagara Falls can provide the needs for Southern Ontario and Western New York (The City Of Niagara Falls).

Niagara Falls is important because it is a way for people to recognize how beautiful something can be without anything being done to it physically or any other way. It is also important because it provide most of our hydro electric power. Niagara Falls is important to me because it has been a place to hold some of my favorite and great memories. I have been there with cousins out of the country and it was probably their favorite place to go to as well.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is a great place to sit down and grab a quick, delicious snack for a great price. Tom Hortons serves food like doughnuts, timbits, muffins, cookies, bagels, hot foods and beverages, cold beverages and many more.

Did you know that a "roll up the rim" event is happening right now. This event makes it so after you finish your beverage you would roll up the rim of the cup and see if you won a prize like free coffee, gift cars, money and even cars. The first ever "roll up the rim" event had a prize of a box of timbits where now you would win huge prizes. Thanks to Tim Hortons, Canadians drink more coffee than Italians, Americans, the French or pretty much any other nation, we drink more than 14 billion cups of coffee each year. Tim Hortons was founded by a NHL player named Tim Hortons obviously. Spending 24 seasons in the league, He played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Buffalo Sabres. He died at the age of 44 and there were 40 different locations around Canada.

Tim Hortons to me is a important place because it is where I personally had the best quick served food. Although I might not eat it a lot or everyday it is definitely something I would prefer over any other fast food place in Canada.

In conclusion, Canada Has many things to offer which makes it such a great country but it would never be the same with the people and celebrations that happen which makes it an even better place to be.


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